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Monday, 31 December 2012

"12 Months Of Corruption, Lunatics, & Cover Up In Jersey" Part 12 of 12


The Month The Utter Shit Of Jersey Is Exposed

Child rapist Brian Downs
Brian's mate, Constable Phil Rondel

1. Cyril lawfully won his case, but the Oligarchy decided he MUST LOSE.

2. States halfwit, Sadie Rennard finally wakes up from self induced COMA!!!.

3. Tax, and PRATS.

4. The poor get wage rise in Jersey, one loaf of bread a WEEK!.

5. Tony's Musings, the flim flam is just so AMUSING.

6. Yet another sad suicide in SUNNY JERSEY.

7. Our dick heads at the J.E.P cock it up again, can't even do a SPELL-CHECK!.

8. States wankers pick on a church that is trying to serve THE PEOPLE.

9. Frankenfood for EVERYONE :).

10. Jersey's bent cops, Minty & Co, not to be PROSECUTED!!!.

11. Child abusing Ex cop found guilty of CHILD ABUSE :).

12. Child abusing policemen not to be prosecuted declares DIM TIM LE COCQ!.

13. Codex Alimentarius HITS JERSEY.

14. Phick Phil, and the other Chief Minister get their arses KICKED.

15. Funny how some people just can't move on MR LE MAIN.

16. Jersey's bent lawyers just keep protecting THEIR MATES.

17. Another of Jersey's disgusting PAEDOPHILE PROTECTORS.

18. Child rapist, Brian Downs, protected by the whole Jersey system, including Police Officer PHIL RONDEL.

19. Cyril the Squirrel kicks Bridget Shaw's fat ass in the ROYAL COURT.

20. Haw, Haw, Haw, it's dick head, Jonny Nonsense's own CHRISTMAS TROLLING SPECIAL EXTRAVAGANZA!!!.

21. Enemy of the people....Who else but PHICK PHIL BAILHACHE?.

22. Accountant, Adrian Rabet skittles four WOMEN.

23. Jersey's corrupt scum try to steal farm off hard working woman, ANGELA AMY.

And please sign the petition below to help rid the Isle of Jersey of these disgusting crooks.


  1. You nurse your heart.
    And stop getting so frustrated and angry by so many wealthy people around you Mr Carpet Man.
    Happy 2013. :-/

  2. Happy new year halfwit, that's your very final bite of the cherry, and I am not angry, just much more determined than ever to finish you scum off :)

  3. surely he means wealthy sex offenders