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Saturday, 29 December 2012

"12 Months Of Corruption, Lunatics, & Cover Up In Jersey" Part 4 of 12


Scarred, But Never Scared

1. A thank you to the CORRUPT IN JERSEY.

2. Police still like to torture you, even after a HEART ATTACK.

3. Another death at the HORROR HOSPITAL.

4. Bailhache proclaims to the rich, LET'S STAND UP FOR OURSELVES.

5. Jersey invite A RAPIST OVER FOR DINNER.

6. A sad suicide as States fail MAGENTA VARDON.

7. Ozo the Bozo refuses to discuss Ogley in OPEN MEETING.

8. It's no Biggie, just another St Helier RANDOM STABBING.

9. The Sharp Report into child abuse KEPT UNDER WRAPS.

10. The death of RENE LIRON.

11. Horror Hospital forced to reveal the AITKENHEAD REPORT.

12. Fruitcake criminal Ian Le Marquand WANTS TASERS.

13. People are just too afraid to complain IN BENT LITTLE JERSEY.


  1. Who paid for all that repair work shown in the picture ?

  2. Which picture halfwit? There are two!

    If you mean the first one, certainly not you Jonny Nonsense, you can't even support your own legs you drunken shit, never mind your family. I paid for it, but you and your ilk will pay for it in the long run....Remember what I said to you on the phone on Christmas Day? You know, when you rang me back after your dual threats to kill me?

    I told you that if you ever turn up at my door, I will cut your fucking head off. That was not a threat, that was the most sincere promise a disgusting piece of shit like you will ever achieve in your miserable existence....I also relayed the exact same heartfelt message to WPC Bree, the officer who took my call, she believed me, so should you!!!