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Friday, 28 December 2012

"12 Months Of Corruption, Lunatics, & Cover Ups In Jersey" Part 1 of 12


The Month Of The Fruitcakes

1. Wheel clamping is unlawful, but hell, IT CAN CARRY ON.

2. Cyril the Squirrel & £10,000,000 Uber Crook, RICHARD FALLE.

3. The man with no brain, BACK-TRACKING.

4. Blunder Woman, Anne Pryke, against ASSISTED SUICIDE, yet happy to kill people off with the LIVERPOOL CARE PATHWAY.

5. Trevor Pitman on being sold out by GORST & BAILHACHE.

6. JCLA slaughter the fruitcake on CHILD ABUSE.

7. Harper grills J.E.P's BACON.

8. Quick Island hop to meet another fruitcake in GUERNSEY.

9. Thieves worse than Paedophiles according to JERSEY JUSTICE.

10. Psycho Le Marquand costs us £900,000.

11. Jersey Child Care, failure is our MIDDLE NAME.

12. Letters to Lenny, a glance at the Boschat BULLSHIT.

13. Child abuse Cover up merchant Le Marquand goes completely HAT-STAND.


  1. disgusting you will soon get your uppance

  2. Actually we all agree, regarding Ian Le Marquand after all the cover ups and lies exposed by the blogs especially Rico Sordas this man is disgusting. To go a step further Phillip Barbados Bailhache is reported recorded and on every other record as saying that any Minister who tells an untruth would be in his book dismissed by the other Ministers. Well that is a lie Sir Phillip.

    The cream on the cake is that Ian Christmas his old pal in the Jersey judiciary is now in prison. What does Sir Phillip and the council of minister as elected leaders of Jersey enact, the same CoM that elects to underfund services, nothing. Give the man in jail £2000 a week and make no effort to stop his income, he is one of us.

    What a bloody shower.

  3. the uk gov are on to this there not happy nor is the queen christmas is in for a shock just watch