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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

"The Dissection Of A Criminal System" Part 6

"The Trial"
The Perjury Of  PC Simon ALLEN-Le Bas

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"This statement consists of ** pages, each signed by me, is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing that, if it is tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to prosecution if I have wilfully stated in it anything which I know to be false or do not believe to be true."

Next up was the bully with the big stick, PC Simon ALLEN-Le Bas, the brave soul who likes to injure his victims with handcuffs before beating them with his asp when they are pinned face down on the floor and cannot defend themselves.
PC Simon ALLEN-Le Bas
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
How To Deconstruct Pig Sh*t
Here we have our second witness, and under pain of perjury to boot. Below are a selection of his lies, and my observations on those lies.
Page 1
1. Le Bas confirms his notes were made shortly after the incident, same as Lang's notes.
Page 2
1. Le Bas says, "I could see a gentleman who I now know to be Mr. Evans, was standing up some steps, basically just in front of Berkshire Court". That's odd? WPC Lang stated that I was 10 yards away next to a 7' high fenced gate!!! Someone is lying aren't they Lynne?

2. Le Bas says, "I heard PC Lang ask again if Mr Evans would come down the stairs to speak with us". Hmmm? Lang never says this, she says, "he wasn't taking any notice when I told him to move away from the fence". I can't be at the fence and at the top of the stairs at the same time, can I?

3. Le Bas then says, "I went to take Mr Evans right arm to restrain him, he was immediately resisting my grasp, he had hold with his left hand on the top of the railings". Ok, but Lang states 'she' had hold of my arm? "I managed to get one of his hands round his back, but he still struggled". And, "I managed again to get his arm back round behind his back". Am I an octopus or something? Just how many arms have I got?

4. Then Le Bas says that both officers repeatedly asked me to "release his grip so he could be restrained". How come Lang never mentioned any of this? She must have been to busy struggling with my fourth arm :)
5. So, I have my left hand holding onto the railing and Le Bas has hold of my right arm, Lang has hold of another arm and PC Le Bas comes out with this statement...."I was aware that Mr Evans had made a grab for PC Lang because I heard her say let go of me". Well officer Le Bas, why does Lang not mention any of this in her testimony? She stated "he then started to hold onto the banister, and wouldn't let go. I tried to undo his grip, at which point my fingers were squashed on to the banister". She also flapped about spraying me with C.S Gas, why doesn't Le Bas mention any of this?
6. Le Bas then says, "I managed to apply one of my handcuffs to Mr Evans right wrist". Again, officer McIntosh states that I was not handcuffed until I was on the ground! Lang states that only one handcuff was applied to the right wrist, and later says that I was handcuffed whilst on the floor!
7. Le Bas has now got two more buddies on the scene, PC Du Feu and PC McIntosh. He says, "One of the other officers, I don't know which one, managed to release his grip and remove Mr Evans left arm behind his back, and the left wrist was also handcuffed". Really? If that is the case then another set of handcuffs must have been applied whilst I was on the ground....Ah yes, that would be the handcuffs for my other two arms, the one that was grabbing out at Lang, and the one which Lang had up around my back!!! LOL
Page 3
1. Le Bas continues, "Mr Evans still refused to calm down, he was still tensing his body and resisting our arrest. As a matter of safety Mr Evans was restrained onto the floor in a controlled manner". In a controlled manner hey? Really? :)

2. The next line from this sadistic piece of crap's mouth is the real killer phrase. "While he was on the floor I noted that in the process of being put to the ground his right wrist had turned in the handcuffs, in my opinion that would've been uncomfortable and unduly sore for Mr Evans". He has obviously added these lies to testimony as a way of getting out of the damage that was inflicted on my wrist. Let us not forget also what he said in his statement "I maintained an arm lock on Evans right arm while PC Du Feu released the left wrist". Can't even remember his lies, dear oh dear. What really happened however, is that I was handcuffed very hard when I was on the ground, and on both wrists by PC Le Bas. He had tried to hurt me with the manner in which he had slammed the cuffs on, because I said "are you trying to hurt me or what?" he got really pissed off and very angry. He then took hold of my right wrist, slammed the handcuff together as hard as he could and shouted out loud "You asked for that". I pissed him off even more when I said "I asked for what?" He was raging that he couldn't hurt me or get me to scream out in agony, so he took his stick out and hit me three times in the middle of my back with it, he then said again, "You asked for that". Well actually, no you gutless coward, I didn't ask for it, but I got it anyway, and I can prove it :)
3. "PC McIntosh struck Mr Evans three times in the tricep just to... in order to release the tension in his arms to apply these handcuffs safely". It's Alice in Wonderland isn't it really!!!
4. So now the van turns up and Le Bas says, "PC McIntosh and Du Feu then lifted Mr Evans and walked him down the stairs". No actually they lifted me then dropped me on my knee's because I would not put my feet on the ground. Try and get something right you mug! Le Bas also fails to mention that I had my face smashed against the corner of a wall.
5. Now Le Bas sprinkles a little glitter on the picture, just to make it sparkle nicely for the fruitcake judge :) "Throughout the entire incident I found Mr Evans to be aggressive and abusive, and I made comment... the comment I recorded was 'you lot are fuckin useless and I won't be restrained' and he made a comment to PC Lang, 'you fuckin Scottish bitch'". Remember your lies Le Bas, as they are coming back to haunt you.
Page 6
1. On the last page I get this out and out liar to confirm that his statement is true, which he does.
"Two Down - Two To Go"
So now we are starting to get a clearer picture of how the Jersey Police operate.
Get one officer (Lang) to write their statement immediately so it looks good for court that it was written immediately and should not have any recollection issues, then the rest can fill theirs in two and a half months later.
Le bas turned up with Lang, and Du Feu turned up with McIntosh. It is interesting to note that Le Bas wrote his statement two days before Du Feu and McIntosh.
Du Feu and McIntosh wrote their statements on the 31/08/2006....One started at 4.00am, the other at 4.15am and both finished within a minute of each other at 4.44am & 4.45am.

It is also worth noting that I had actually appeared in court on the 16th of August 2006, that is two weeks before three of these statements were even written!!! Now why would that be?
Until the next time readers :)
And please sign the petition below to help rid the Isle of Jersey of these disgusting crooks.

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