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Sunday, 4 November 2012

"The Dissection Of A Criminal System" Part 4

"Preparing For Trial - The Statements"

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Usually, anyone in Jersey accused by the police of wrongdoing would almost certainly plead guilty, that is "The Jersey Way" as there is no access to justice on this island, and even less chance of finding a cop who would go against their work colleagues and tell the truth. Besides, what chance have you got in court, one mans word against that of four honourable public servants telling the judge exactly how it was? And under their "FULL" commercial liability!
I was not going to be deterred by the odds this time, so I set about pulling their statements apart looking for any inconsistencies in their 'stories' hoping I could find sufficient evidence to show that they had lied, and conspired in doing so. I made some notes on the statements and then drew up a huge chart, similar to a tournament chart where you get down to the real nitty gritty towards the finals. After all, I knew the truth, and there can be only one truth in any given situation!

We shall start with the statement of PC Lynn Lang who clearly resides in Wonderland!

Click on the pics to read them

PC Lynn Lang

Next up, we have the statement of the tough guy, PC Simon ALLEN Le Bas
PC Simon Allen Le Bas
Boy, he said a mouthful there didn't he! Too much for his own good on this occasion, but they never learn, and don't really need to as they never have to answer to anyone for their crimes!
Anyhoo, next up is the hardened Scotsman PC Robert McIntosh who really should drop the first four letters of his surname, this would then reflect his level of veracity when compiling statements.
PC Robert McIn-tosh


Nice of PC Tosh to admit that he assaulted me, what a guy. He doesn't seem to have much to say about the actual incident though, just the bare minimum perhaps to distance himself from the others in case the truth got out.
Finally we have the little guy PC Andrew Du Feu who, like PC Tosh, says very little about the actual incident, and then flaps like a sail in high wind when commenting on what I am alleged to have said....I am sure his lies will catch up with him in the not to distant future....LOL
PC Andrew Du Feu

So now our good officers have had their say, it is going to be "make your mind up time" for these brave defenders of the peace. They will now have to back up their statements in a court of law, and under penalty of perjury!!! Will it be a problem for them or their consciences? Will they tell the truth? Will their testimonies even match their statements? What have I got in store for them?
Well, nothing at this stage to be quite frank, all I could do was pull their statements apart and hope for a judge who was the best out of a bad bunch, and who would genuinely take into consideration what I had to say, and the extent of my injuries.
When it came to trial I got a judge who I had already named as a suspect, and who I had circumstantial evidence against as the person who may have doctored my Royal Court trial tapes at an earlier trial. This was our present Home Affairs Minister....

Ian Le Marquand!!!
Rico Sorda is currently writing about this corrupt liar, please see the link below for details.


  1. What was the outcome of the trial?

  2. The trial will feature as part 5

  3. Had a comment earlier from one who was not "Jon's Wet Mattress"....Neither was it our "Government Trollbot"....I can only imagine it was one of our four "about to be publicly shamed and humiliated" 'public servant' police officers.

    Those to whom we pay a fortune to lie and cheat their way through a life of many pleasures and advantages....At our expense!

    Looks to me like you guys are in a bit of a pickle :)

    "What goes around comes around."

  4. kick theyre arses ian..

  5. I don't need to anon, they have already kicked their own, as have their protectors :)