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Sunday, 4 November 2012

"The Dissection Of A Criminal System" Part 3

"After The Fact & The Arraignment"

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Sorry about the delay on this story but as you have read, more important stories came up over the last ten days or so, so we cover those first. Anyhoo, off we go with part 3, and forgive some of the language that I use as I find it detracts from the emotion of the story not to use such language.

So, I was carted off to the police station for the usual nap. On arrival at the police station I was kinda angry! My wrists were swollen beyond belief, I was in agony, and being mocked at by our four brave keepers of law and order. All it needed was for the desk Sergeant to start!!!

And start he did. One of the first things out of this halfwits mouth was "I need you to empty your pockets"...."Fucking What!!!"....Obviously, being still handcuffed, it didn't go to well for the desk Sergeant after that....After a few minutes I was dragged off to the cells for my predetermined nap. A while later (after calming down somewhat) I asked for the Police Surgeon as I wished my injuries to be logged.

Later on I was taken to see the Police Surgeon, they placed me in the medical room and I sat and waited. Shortly after, the door opened and a figure entered and sat down in front of me. He looked up at me and went ashen-faced, he recognised me immediately. This was the same corrupt turd who had lied to the Royal Court after being told to lie through his teeth at Graham Cousins trial to get him off a charge of grave and criminal assault after he glassed my pal for no reason.

This particular creatures name is Dr Michael Holmes, this is the dick head who described as "unusual" the fact that someone would glass someone else with "A FULL PINT OF BEER!!!" I glared at this lying scumbag and said nothing, he then said, "Your not going to talk to me are you?" I replied, "Fcuk off you corrupt c**t" and as you may well have guessed by now, that was that....Dr Holmes lies can be viewed at the picture below, just for shits & giggles :) The link to the story which this picture refers to is directly below.

Just click on the pic to read it

So, all I had to do now was go to sleep thinking about which trumped up charges I was getting encumbered with this time? "Drunk and Disorderly and Violently resisting arrest" are their usual favorites with me (and today was no exception) as I am rather large, speak my mind, and don't have a happy smiley face! Not that any of these factors would make any difference to our corrupt shower of sh*t judges, they already know you are going to be found guilty before you even think it.

I was released the next day and went home to put a bag (or six) of frozen pea's on my wrists. Stupid me had forgotten to take photographs of my injuries, and the swelling had gone down somewhat so the real impact of the handcuffs was lost to a large extent, but I did take photo's later that day. I would add at this point that one of the day shift police officers who released me that morning said, the injuries to my right wrist were the worst that he had ever seen....Wanna see a Pic? Sorry, your just going to have to wait :)

Some time later, it was off to court for little old me for the pre-trial hearing, this was in front of judge Ian Christmas. Remember Him? recently imprisoned for 15 months for fraud!!! I would also add something about magistrate Ian Christmas that may surprise readers, he is one of the fairest judges I have ever come across in Jersey, and so say many others that I have spoken too. That should tell you plenty about the calibre of our Jersey Judges. Below are the transcripts from that hearing, remember to pay special attention to the added charges, especially the speeding charge, what happened there was rather humorous :)

I would also point out at this stage, the fact that the prosecuting Centenier (honorary policeman) was none other than Daniel Scaife, the dirt-sack who refused to charge the Bonner's (of Blanche Pierre fame) with child abuse after direct orders from Barking Bill Bailhache, the then Attorney General.

Below are the transcripts of my hearing with Ian Christmas, Jersey's fairest bent judge!!!
Interesting to note, isn't it, that I am appearing before a fraudster judge, and that I am being charged and prosecuted by a protector of Child Abuser's!!!

It is also worthy of note that the Jersey Judiciary (at this time) had stopped people qualifying for legal aid if they thought that the case was to frivolous....or if the fine was likely to be less than £500....or if they didn't like you!!!

The £500 fine point I make is very relevant to this story as you will discover when we get to the appeal to the Royal Court section.

Even more note worthy is the fact that Child Abuser Protector, Daniel Scaife takes one word that I said...."NO" to mean that I am re-presenting myself? Who gave this plank the authority to make a Judicial Determination on whether I was getting legal aid or re-presenting myself?
Jersey Justice - You just couldn't make this shit up!
So now we get to the arraignment hearing and the real shenanigan begin. We have Centenier Gallichan proclaiming that only two of the four scumbag, coward arsed, police officers will be called to give evidence....says who schmuck? Does the defendant not have the right to question all four scumbags?
I also had a witness to call, but that witness did not want to be named as a couple of his kids had also been beaten by members of the States of Jersey Police Force in the past. Centenier Gallichan insisted I give the name of the witness (for intimidation purposes no doubt!), I refused as I had given my word to that witness that they would not be called if reluctant to do so. I am sure by now our readers have a good idea of where this is going, see you all again tomorrow for the next installment :)


  1. Ian I am readling about the gross injustice that you have suffered and would like to understand how it all started? How does it all connect with Jersey child abuse?

    I want to get a few people together who have suffered for exposing child abuse if interested please ask to be friend on Facebook
    blanca Child

    1. Dear blanca.child

      Looked at your profile tonight, it left me thinking, what profile?

      No pictures? No info? No friends? No history on faceBook? No history on the Internet?

      Just a member of 3 groups that allege they are against child abuse!!!

      Without being disrespectful, or appearing to pre-judge you in any way, can you show me one single shred of evidence of who you are?

      Until you can, you can just whistle tweackle :)

    2. Have another Stella Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1