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Monday, 26 November 2012

"Sharks In Jersey"

Finance crisis talks
Chief Minister-ish   Ian Gorst
AN emergency delegation is flying to London for talks after news emerged of a dispute with the UK about an anti-tax evasion treaty which could have severe implications for the finance industry.
Chief Minister Ian Gorst has confirmed that the UK is threatening to block a major deal that would see information about all US citizens’ bank accounts in Jersey handed to their tax authorities.

It is because the UK wants the same information about its residents with accounts held in the Island.

It is a demand that is widely regarded as the latest attempt to crack down on so-called ‘tax havens’ and the dispute threatens to become a serious issue if it goes unresolved.


  1. Yeah that is some chin man.

  2. this place stinks of corruption. why pay social security when you are out of work they say you are entiteld to nothing. its a scam.claim it all back

  3. why wont they publish comments on channel online or this is jersey i have to contact church of england now to get them heard