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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

"Quick Update For Cyril's Royal Court Appeal Tomorrow"

"The Squirrel May Not Be There"

Cyril was rushed into hospital this afternoon looking like death warmed up, I left Cyril about 8.0pm and am waiting for a phone call to find out whats wrong.
I will let you know anything as soon as I find out, I will leave you with a comment that was left on another posting today. This abuse was left by the usual suspect, another "Stella" moment in the life of one of Jersey's most sickening scum :)
I am sure Cyril will appreciate Jon's well wishes....

"That cannot surprise any of us as Jersey has become the World's first Police Force that refuses to investigate crime! Myself, Cyril, Stuart, amongst others, have recently approached the States of Jersey Police with numerous complaints of very well evidenced and serious criminality, yet Mike Bowron, Jersey's Chief Police Officer refuses to investigate any of the complaints. Why?"

"Because you're a scum Evans togther with Syvret and dopey Vibert.
I know so because that is how the police really see you and your evidence is never truthful, never accurate and you are just an idiot living in another world.

That is why after so many years of blogging you have got nowhere."

Jon's Wet Mattress


  1. Sorry Trolly, you have had one mindless comment allowed this month, try again around Christmas!....

    2015 :)

  2. I hope this is nothing too serious. Thoughts with Cyril and thanks also for informing your readers Ian.

  3. Hopefully the hospital can afford to keep the electric on whole cyril is in eh ?

  4. I have picked Cyril up and dropped him off home, he will explain tomorrow about his illness if he chooses to as it is not for me to say.

    He says he will do his best to attend court tomorrow at 10.00am for his appeal, which will be make or break for the Oligarchy. I will post in the morning if the appeal is going ahead tomorrow :)

  5. Hi all,

    I will be going to the Royal Court today for my appeal at 10AM.
    Not 100% but much better than yesterday.

    I'd like to say a big thank you to the team at A&E. Doctor Greg, Hannah, Staff Nurse Barry et al. Brilliant team, under paid, totally professional and caring.
    If only our judiciary were as competant, I would'nt mind the mind boggling pay they get, hoh hum one can wish!


  6. Nearly forgot,

    Huge thank you to Ian for getting me down there and back.

    Cheers mate, you old rough diamond!


  7. Replies
    1. Oh hell yes, like I said, make or break for the Jersey Oligarchy!!! What is coming in the next hour is just stunning!!!