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Thursday, 1 November 2012

"Parasites Keep Pounding The Poor"

Electricity prices in Jersey to rise by 9.5% next year

Jersey Electricity Company 

The loss of one of the supply cables from France has been blamed for a 9.5% increase in prices next year

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Electricity prices will rise 9.5% from 1 January, Jersey Electricity has said.

Chris Ambler, from the firm, said the rise was necessary to meet the extra costs of generating electricity locally.

He said it was the first above inflation rise for four years and was "regrettable but unavoidable".

The rise means customers will have to pay an extra £1.50 per week on average, Mr Ambler said.

He said the last major price rise had been 24% at the start of 2009, which followed a two-year price freeze.

One of Jersey's two power supply cables from France, Normandie 1, failed in June, after which engineers said it was beyond repair.
'Extremely unfortunate'
Since then, Jersey Electricity has had to buy oil to generate electricity at La Collette Power Station.

Mr Ambler said: "Normandie 1 has served the island very well since 1984 and we have been planning its replacement for a long time.

"The £60m project to install a third cable along a different route to enhance security has been ongoing for eight years.

"It is extremely unfortunate that planning delays outside our control have meant the loss of Normandie 1 before Normandie 3 has been commissioned."

He said the firm expected the cable to be commissioned in 2015 but it was doing all it could to advance the project.

Mr Ambler added his firm was investigating a "fast-track replacement" for Normandie 1 along its current route.


  1. Surley this cable was insured,questions need to be asked,why is it now unserviceable? what is the life span of such cables? was it broken by a ship dragging its anchor? why can,t it be repaired? I thought from the time we connected to the French power, they would have power over us,all our eggs in one basket not good.

  2. A friend recently had a diseased tree removed from his garden, during the process, his chain saw broke, he apologised for the delay, the chain saw was replaced and the job continued.
    A no point would he have considered asking my friend to pay for the repair to the chain saw which belonged to him and was part of the equipment he owned in order to provide the service he was charging for.
    The same rule should apply to the JEC, the cable to France is the property of the JEC, the consumer should not be expected to pay for a replacement cable.
    It is their responsibility!

  3. Yet again the people of Jersey are being held to ransom. Interesting that recently allegedly as part of the fiscal stimulus scheme all States Housing properties were changed over to electric heating...with an absolute refusal to allow tenants to continue to continue to use coal fires and wet heating systems......make of it what you will!!

  4. Think outside of the Box people!

    Forget me and you.. the home dweller, think of the larger, bigger organisation!. Banks, warehouses, the people that work in them.
    Health and safety dictates that a certain temperature should be maintained, loads of lekky needed to run them, companies with many many staff they will be the hardest hit. The bigger the building/organisation the bigger the bill.
    Us "small fry" that go home to oue flats/houses/digs can wrap up with coats & cut back, only put the tumble drier on 3 times a week as opposed to 7, trim the neighbours trees for wood etc.....

    Thanks JEC, I personally think that this will effect the business's stationed here alot more than us laypeoples.


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