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Monday, 12 November 2012

"Paedo Protecting Cop Praises 'Blind Eye' Bob"

Former police chief dies

Jersey's former Police Chief Bob Le Breton has died aged 66.

He joined the force when he was a teenager and rose up through the ranks to become one of only two locally born men to get the top job.

He was in charge from 1993 to 2000.

It was a time of great change that saw the force become more modern and professional.

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - bob le breton


  1. Not according to the HMIC Reports

    1. ?

      Enlighten me pal, unsure as to your meaning there....

    2. Bowron's statement is odd as it refer's to Craig Le Breton but omits Craig's crimes. Didn't Craig Le Breton get caught with a rather large quantity of commercial drugs? and end up being charged for personal?

  2. Craig was caught with a commercial quantity of drugs, yes.

    But by the time he had been processed for his crime, it fell to the category of personal use, not hard when pop's is the Chief of Police hey!

    And so carries on "The Jersey Way"....Scum....