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Friday, 2 November 2012

"Mouth Cancer"

"If in doubt, get checked out."

Over 6,000 people a year are diagnosed with mouth cancer in the British Isles.

Without early detection half will die - that's according to the British Dental Health Foundation.

So this November, dentists are supporting Mouth Cancer Action Month, to increase awareness of the disease.

This year's campaign is sending a clear message to Islanders: "If in doubt, get checked out."

Early diagnosis can save lives. Signs to look out for are:

*Ulcers that don't heal within 3 weeks
*Red and white patches in your mouth
*And unusual mouth lumps or swellings

Dentists say lifestyle choices can prevent mouth cancer. Drinking and smoking to excess raises the risk by up to 30 times, as alcohol aids absorption of tobacco into the mouth.

Poor diet has been linked to mouth cancer, especially one containing lots of red meat and fried food.

The human papilloma virus (HPV), transmitted via oral sex, is a growing threat as a mouth cancer cause.

But more and more people are developing the disease without the traditional risk factors. The British Dental Health Foundation says that underlies the need for check-ups and self-examination.

There is a free mouth cancer screening at Confidence Dental practice for the month of November.

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