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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

"Missing Woman In Jersey - Please Share This Posting"

Lisa De Sousa Missing

Lisa De Sousa

Missing Woman. Please share this message.

Police are currently concerned for the welfare of a 29 year old woman who has gone missing in Jersey. Lisa De Sousa was last seen in town at 17:35hrs yesterday evening. If Lisa is reading this or you know where she is can you ask her to please contact the police station on 01534 612612 so we can confirm that she is O.K.

Can we ask that you share this message with your friends so that it reaches as many people as possible....Many thanks.


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    1. no ouzof kirch le seur and many more chiefs are gay get ure facts right

  2. That has to be Jon's Wet Mattress! A woman is missing, her family and friends are worried, and the No.1 Jersey Oligarchy Troll tries to use this as an excuse to belittle me and the Blog!!!

    Damn fine work Jon, I am sure the Birt's and the Bailhaches of this world are so proud of you tonight....See ya later hoop-wipe....

  3. Sounds like to rambling of a numbnuts teenager, jonny nomates what a tit.