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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

"Known Child Abusers May Get Away With It Hints Gorst"

New terms for child abuse inquiry

"Findings the Chief Minister believes are about uncovering the truth, but 'not' about
hunting down abusers."

hahaha....Heaven forbid we should do such a dreadful thing as to hold child rapists and their protectors to account!!!

Jersey's Care Leavers' Association are upset that the historical child abuse inquiry will only look into claims going back as far as 1960.

The inquiry will cover a period from 1960 until the present day.

The Council of Ministers have announced the proposed terms of reference for the inquiry into the abuse allegations.

The terms include the inquiry costing at least £6 million and that it should be completed within 1 year of it starting.

The council also recommend that the Chairman shouldn't be from Jersey and should be independent of all interested parties.

They also believe the selection panel should be made up of the Greffier of the States and two independent people.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst said he believes it will bring closure to the victims.


  1. It looks like they are going back to when Tillbrook took charge at HdlG. From what little I have heard it would seem that was when pedophiles began taking an interest in the home. Glad i left there in '61. During the investigation I reported one adult employee who tried to abuse me(not one of our carers)and got no feedback regarding whether this person had been reported by others.So I will forever wonder if he abused others.

  2. If only Gorst had some balls, but sadly he's already talking about a "healing process" when truth and accountability and names is what is needed.

    Healing can only come after all the rot has been exposed and removed.

  3. Hi Ian.

    Just put the Audio from today up,
    You & your readers can Listen HERE

    Better late then never!


  4. hi ian
    this tor is just to make sure the dishonourable SS minister dose not have to every body will say what a good guy he is but come januray it will all change.mark my words. allso i hope cyril is doing ok please pass on my best wisher,s. keep up the good work all the best to you allso regards martin

  5. Hi Martin

    After the Napier debacle we knew they were preparing to do a number on the abuse survivors again, so predictable are these clowns. The COI should have nothing to do whatsoever with anyone remotely connected to Jersey in any way! It is as simple as that.

    Cyril is doing fine mate, except the establishment don't seem to be doing anything about his application for bail pending appeal, no surprises there! Will let him know you were asking about him.

    Stay strong fella like all the survivors must, and don't be palmed off with any derisory offer from Jersey's crooks, as we know only to well, they are utter criminals :)

  6. Hi Ian, well I now know what you guys are up against and how deep you are getting under the skin of the ptb! As an animal lover I was very worried about the little squirrel so I popped up to La Moye at lunchtime to put a few quid on account for him, to enable him to restock his nuts and warm him in preparation for the frosty reception I imagine He is getting in there.A very sweet female prison employee asked if she could help, I told her that I wanted to put some money on account for a prisoner. She then asked me to put the money in the drop box as she couldn't take it from my hand. I did so, wondering if she really thought I was going to drag her size 14 frame through the 8inch slot, but heyho rules are rules. Then she asked me for photo ID. I said I didn't have any, she said I must show passport or drivers licence. I then explained that I knew who I was and what I looked like so I felt no need to carry these things. I then said I knew Cyril was inside as I had read it on the blog last night and wanted to help him. Then things changed, she spoke to neanderthal man behind her who bristled to the window, only to tell me I couldn't put money for Cyril anonymously as I might be money laundering, apparently this is a direct order from the prison govenor!! PMSL. Obviously things changed as soon as i mentioned reading about Cyril.It appears that looking at me, this prison muscleman saw a money laundress, whereas when I look in the mirror I see a 5ft 3in hippy. As I left I realised how lucky it was that I hadn't told them that I don't own a passport, because coupled with the fact that I was trying to pay in cash they would have probably arrested me on terrorism charges!!! Don't worry little squirrel, we will get the cash to you somehow, keep safe. Donna x

    1. hahaha....You just couldn't make this shit up!!!