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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

"Justice Minister Must Not Be From Jersey"

Calls for Justice Minister

Jersey could be getting a Justice Minister, if one senator gets his way.

Lyndon Farnham wants the Chief Minister to investigate setting up the post, which they have in the UK.

He says it would create a more impartial system of government and says it will not cost the taxpayer any extra money.

Senator Farnham explains in his proposition, which he has lodged to the States today (Tues).

"This proposition does not seek to criticise or undermine any existing policy or procedure. It is born solely out of an interest in protecting and, where possible, improving our islands unique system of government.

"It therefore aims to ensure that, within our system of representative democracy, due consideration has been given to how those elected into office and exercising executive functions can take appropriate responsibility for justice matters and so be held to account by Islanders and their representatives.

He added: "The States may by regulations establish and abolish ministers and confer functions upon a minister. Only the Chief Minister may lodge such draft regulations.

"Therefore this proposition is not prescriptive, but requests the Chief Minister to investigate the possibility of establishing a new ministerial office and department and to bring forward appropriate proposals after a period of due consideration."

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