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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

"Jobs, Cash & Hope - But Not For The Plebs - And Not From This Clown"

 Jobs, cash and hope
MINISTERIAL plans for £2 billion worth of spending over the next three years will create jobs and stimulate economic recovery, Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf told the States at the start of a major debate on Jersey’s future on Tuesday.
Introducing a three-year spending plan to politicians, the Senator said that it would provide key investment in health and public services and provide a platform for growth and reform right across the States.

Senator Ozouf proposed the plan on behalf of the Council of Ministers, saying that although there had been ‘serious challenges’ to the Island economy over the last three years, Jersey was poised to take advantage of growth when the world economy began to improve.

And he said that the spending boost for departments and £222 million worth of capital spending for major projects would make a difference to every Islander.


  1. Make a difference to every islander, sure will it leave them a lot worse off, unless you work for the States that is.

    Then plan B bring in the wealthy brigade to lend their money and expertise and give them great big profits.

    Ozouef an Cohen ( both wealthy ) are on public record as wanting public private investment schemes this is plan B.

  2. lay more fibre optic cable will sort it all out .or just go wierless 4g unlimited for 9 pounds a month. dont need cables