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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

"Jersey's D*ckheads Should Be Charged With Attempted Murder!"

Police warn of laser danger

Police are warning of the dangers of lasers after one was shone at an airplane last night.

The BA flight was landing when a green laser light was shone from the St Clement area.

Even though the plane landed safely, police want to warn islanders that it can be a serious threat to any aircraft.

In the past year, Jersey Police have had around 25 calls of lasers being shone at cars, windows and planes.

Acting Chief Inspector Alan Willamson said: "The practice of shining laser lights at people is incredibly serious.

"It is an offence to endanger an aircraft and such behaviour is highly irresponsible and dangerous. Those responsible should realise they are putting people’s lives in danger.

"What I would like to do is appeal to parents; if your child has a laser light just find out what they are using it for and explain to them the dangers associated with shining them at people."

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