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Thursday, 8 November 2012

"Jersey, A Culture Of Lies!"

Airport landing equipment shooter
‘aiming at rabbits’
An Airport worker was shooting at rabbits

THE damaged piece of landing equipment at the Airport was shot by a member of staff aiming at rabbits, it has been claimed.
Last week the JEP revealed that hundreds of Islanders’ travel plans had been disrupted after the instrument landing system was damaged.

After initially denying that planes had been affected, senior operations staff later admitted to the JEP that flights were potentially impacted by the easterly ILS being out of service after passengers and airline staff claimed that flights were turning back because of the fault.

An Airport investigation into the matter is continuing. And yesterday it was claimed in the States that the system is believed to have been hit by an employee trying to scare rabbits.


  1. The golden rule when handling firearms no persons or property in danger,not so with this clown,loose with a firearm, I would like to know if these guys (Fireman I believe, have gun licences)

  2. firearms at airport why not traps or poison they have too much time on there hands. scarry

  3. Will any heads roll over this incident? stupid question really, ofcourse not , this is the Jersey way!