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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

"Jersey & America Run By Lunatics & Guernsey Just Don't Care!"

"New World Order On The March With
The Kingdom Of Bailhache"

The first of a series of public meetings allowing islanders to have their say on electoral reform was held last night.

Proposed changes to the make up of Jersey's Parliament include dividing the island up into six super constituencies and removing parish boundaries.

It is proposed Senators could be scrapped and Constables could go too, leaving just one type of member - Deputies - 42 of them, that's 7 for each of the 6 new districts.

The idea of breaking parish boundaries was met with a mixed response.

Colin Storm, Electoral Commission Vice Chairman said: "The key issue is to try to get a more democratic system then we have at the moment, which is why we focused on having equality of numbers of eligible voters and each of those voters having an equivalent number of votes, so we've got equal number of representatives, equal number of votes, and that is the key to what we're saying."

The Commission promises to take all views into account when finalising their recommendations next month.

Islanders should have all been sent a detailed copy of the proposals in the post.

A schedule of the Parish meetings can be found below:

Wednesday 7th November: 7pm St Helier town hall and Trinity parish hall

Thursday 8th November: 7pm St Martin's public hall and St Clement's parish hall

Tuesday 13th November: 7pm St Ouen's parish hall and St Peter's parish hall

Wednesday 14th November: 7pm Grouville parish hall and St Mary's parish hall

Thursday 15th November: 7pm St Saviour's parish hall and St Lawrence parish hall


Please see the N.W.O. inscriptions at the link below....
And Wake Up!!!

Then Google FEMA Camps or look at the link below....

Below is the greatest political speech ever written,
from the book "The Iron Web" by Larken Rose

Election Apathy

The US elections have been hitting the headlines today but not many Sarnians know there are elections in Guernsey this evening.

Parish elections are being held throughout the island tonight.

Douzainiers and Constables are being appointed for all ten parishes.

But in all the parishes except two, the elections will be uncontested, with just one candidate for each seat.

Only in St Martin's and St Saviour's will a vote have to be held.

School Committee members will also be appointed in tonight's election, meaning there are 85 positions to appoint in total.

This year the parish election comes one day after the highest-profile vote in the world, the election of the US President.

Locally, parish officials admit many islanders were more interested in seeing Barack Obama secure a second term, than they are in their own parish elections.

But Constables and Douzainiers say they make decisions affecting all aspects of parish life, from deciding who gets liquor and Sunday trading licences, to approving parish events, and inspecting everything from hedges to quarries.


They are also the first point of call if parishioners have complaints about parish-level issues.

Deputy Laurie Queripel is the Senior Constable for the Vale and tonight he will stand, uncontested, for a seat on the Vale Douzaine.

He says: "Douzainiers and parish officials are all volunteers, so they only have a certain amount of time, but at the Vale Douzaine we now have the parish website up and running and we have two very good Douzainiers working on that and updating it, and trying to make it more attractive.

"But we need to look at more ways that we can reach out to the public and it might be via social media, it might be via Twitter and FaceBook and things like that."



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    1. WoHo!!!

      Excellent mate....Brilliant article from Eric & Simon and total respect to you guys after all these years sticking at it and battling the odd that were never in your favour. This is proof that we can do anything if we have the courage & heart.

      Give my best wishes and respects to Kevin and the lads. So proud of you guys, and all the effort you have put in helping us here in Jersey on top of all the great work you have been doing about Medomsley....Top F**king Notch :)

    2. I fully understand your wheelbarrow now xxx

  2. New Wheel,New Handles empty load! Off we go again. Thanks Ian and may they doors swing open and the walls start to tumble as evil cascades into the sea leaving Jersey bright, ambitious and lawfully aware...