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Thursday, 8 November 2012

"It's Official!!! - Geoff Is Worthy - So Sayeth Himself"

Deputy Southern: "I'm worth it"

Deputy Geoff Southern says he will be taking the controversial £800 plus a year pay rise and says other States members should consider doing the same.

"My advice to them would be, look at your conscience and if you think that you are worth it, take it."

An independent pay review panel has recommended a "modest" 1.8% pay rise for States members - that is £818 a year - but the government is only offering public sector workers a rise of 1%.

States members currently earn just under £42,000 a year, plus a further £4,000 in expenses.

Their counterparts in Guernsey get just over £32,000, though senior politicians get more.

In Alderney, members there take home £8,500, chairmen are paid slightly more. In Sark, the 28 conseillers receive nothing.

Several politicians, including Chief Minister Ian Gorst and his fellow pay board members, have already said they will not be taking a pay rise this year.


  1. Geoff is trying his damndest to get everyone else money, so fair play to him for taking his rise!

  2. Indpendent with States members on it, get real JEP. Actually do us all a favour and close down.

  3. He might be trying his damndest, but he fails every time.

    He is a studge for the Establishment, and all non sheeples know this.