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Thursday, 1 November 2012

"Gameshow Mike Says 'No Deal' And Won't Be Inviting Me To 'Come On Down'!"

"Another Complaint Ready For Refusal & Update On Cyril Le Squirrel"
I had a very interesting phone call today from a policeman who's name I didn't catch. He asked "is that Mr Evans"? I said "no" he said "is that Ian Evans"? I said "yes". He told me his name and then informed me that he was ringing with regard to the contempt of court charge, you know, the one I suffered a heart attack shortly after when the police ransacked my home and stole my computers and mobile phone....That contempt of court charge!
So, I listened contently as he explained that the matter had been investigated and it was decided that no charges were to be brought against me! This hardly surprising me as I had done nothing wrong, I thanked him for letting me know the outcome and said good bye. How kind of our police law advisers and policemen not to charge me with something that I hadn't done wrong! That's a first for me in Jersey, I can tell you.
So why didn't they want to charge me? well, there are a number of reasons for this and the first of these must surely be the fact that I now have some good knowledge of Common Law, so, thank you to Cyril for all the time and effort he has taken in my education of the real truth about statutory law.
The next reason could have been the plain and simple fact that I had not committed any crime. What had I done wrong? All I did was inform the Ships Captain, Bridget Shaw that I was recording proceedings during her Administrative Tribunal, nothing more. It is my inalienable right to keep a detailed record of any proceedings that involve me. I was even honest enough to inform the court that I was recording the proceedings and that I was not acting in a clandestine manner.
But what was the real reason? Could it have been the fact that whilst being interviewed I made reference to the fact that the judicial Greffe of the Royal Court had already doctored my trial tapes on a previous occasion? I also informed the officer that our Bailiff, Mike Birt had refused to give me a copy of the Avon & Somerset police report investigating my complaints of that particular case. Because I had brought that matter up in the interview, I could then refer back to that matter at any future trial they put together, and Mr Birt certainly wouldn't want that case being brought up again.
Now, about thirty seconds after the above phone call terminated, the same police officer rang me again. This time it was to inform me that "I wouldn't be getting a response to my letter". What letter? you may well ask....The letter I sent in response to the crimes committed against me by the States of Jersey Police, asking for clarification of their actions and details of those involved. Notice how they won't put anything in black and white? just a random phone call. The letter is below, and a link to the posting is below that which has links to the whole story for the benefit of our many new readers.

c/o ***************
Jersey, ******
Duty Inspector Le Hegerat
Police Headquarters
Rouge Bouillon, St Helier

Dear Madam

I write concerning my unlawful arrest of the 9th March 2012, and the subsequent ransacking of * ********* ******** that same day by a number of police officers. I hereby notify you that I have a number of questions to be clarified concerning that day’s events and would like clear concise answers to all of them.

1. I was arrested for suspicion of contempt of court, I would like to know who it was who initially made the complaint to the police in this regard?
2. I would like to know the exact date that this complaint came to the attention of the police?
3. I would like to know who took this complaint?
4. I would like to know who they passed it to for further action?
5. I would like to know who authorised the alleged warrant for my arrest and the consequent ransacking of the above address?
6. I would like to know why this alleged warrant was not signed by a judge (operating under their Oath of Office at the time of signing) and why there was no court stamp on the alleged warrant?
7. I would like to know why I was not read my rights when allegedly arrested?
8. I would like to know why a simple phone call would not have sufficed, asking me to attend the police station?
9. I would like to know why I was not informed that * ********* ******** was going to be ransacked?
10. I would like to know why there was no independent witness to the ransacking of this property?
11. I would like to know the names of the officers who arrested me?
12. I would like to know the names of the officers who entered the premises addressed above?
13. I would like to know under what authority items were removed from this address?
14. I would like to know the names of everyone who came into contact with the (seized) property?
15. I would like to know why some of this property was damaged?
16. I would like to know how long it took to collate the data from the (seized) property?
17. I would like to know who had the final authorisation to return this property?
18. I would like to know why this property was not returned immediately after the alleged evidence was gathered?
19. I would like to know why my mobile phone could not be returned to me after the data was extracted from it, as this resulted in my business being restricted which is a very serious matter?
20. I would like to know who had the authority, and did in fact order this property to be detained a whole month?
21. I would like to know why I was given two days of the run around treatment when simply trying to find out who I could ask for my property back?
22. I would like to know why I have still not been charged with any offense in connection with this arrest and seizure?
23. I would like to know what reparations the police force intend to make regarding the disgraceful and shabby treatment I received.

I would be pleased to receive comprehensive answers to all of these questions in the reasonably near future, and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely without ill will, vexation or frivolity

All inherent inalienable rights reserved

As you have now read, there are some strong and searching questions which they just do not want to answer. What they are forgetting is the fact that the law that governs them says that they have to answer my questions as I am entitled, and they are public servants.
The most worrying part in all of this is the fact that the States of Jersey Police Force refuse point blank to look into criminal allegations, what does this tell the world about Jersey Corruption? I am left with no choice now but to put my complaints to Westminster as our government is completely out of control and running riot.

"Update On Cyril"
Cyril was due in court today for a business meeting with Captain Shaw to discuss how to divide up the plunder!
Cyril had refused to turn up fearing that Captain Shaw was about to jump ship, and Cyril, not wanting any part of mutiny against the Common Law or his fellow man, decided not to board the Citizen-ship of commerce today.
Cyril also made this known in his public notice which can be read at the link directly below.
It is now highly likely that Captain Shaw will have Cyril press-ganged, tied to the mast and flogged before said Chattel property is sent for storage.
However, Cyril has decided to become a landlubber for 3 or 4 days and has gone on 'Shaw' leave to visit old friends :)


  1. Cowards the lot of them Grrrrrr

  2. Just a quick thank you to all our readers who this month have totalled 43,119. For a small blog in the midst of a criminal jurisdiction that is pretty good going....Many thanks you guys :)

  3. Never fear Ian all is well radio just announced police "independant" authority going "live" at easter,we can all sleep in our beds a lot easier then!

    1. hahaha....Brilliant!!!

      "Independent" Police Authority! Made up of whom exactly? The same bent lawyers and perhaps a Ju-Rat named John Le Breton?

      I just palpitate at the thought, justice for everyone at last :)

  4. This is truly shocking. The police had no case against you on the arrest or the contempt charge hence they cannot charge you.

    I am truly aghast at the Police refusing to answer the legitimate questions you requested?

    The police have provided no explanation of the circumstances around your arrest nor around the contempt.

    Where in the world is this acceptable behaviour of the police and the government?

    1. Err, Jersey, North Korea & Zimbabwee!