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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

"Dentists Have Had It Too Good For To Long"

Islanders put off by dentist charges

Visiting a dentist in Jersey is around twice the price of the UK.

A basic NHS appointment there would be £17.50, but in the island, the average cost is £35.

This comes as a Jersey Consumer Council survey reveals two thirds of islanders avoid going to the dentist due to how expensive it is.

The group, which represents islanders' interests in a range of consumer issues, questioned 6,500 people about dentists.

Whilst most (74%) rated their dentist's service as either good or excellent, a similar proportion (67%) said they avoided booking an appointment as a result of the bill they would have to pay.

That 67% was made up of 23% saying it was so expensive it stopped them booking an appointment, and 44% who limited their visits because they found it too costly.

The Consumer Council argue that dentists need to be more transparent about their costs and offer patients more flexible financial plans so they can pay their bills.

But dentists say they are transparent and do offer flexibility. They also say their overheads are high which means they have to charge more than dentists do in the UK.

1 comment:

  1. So what is new?, there is an ever increasing amount of people going to St. Malo for treatment, a friend who needed extensive treatment was given the best price he could find in Jersey £4,000.
    He got the lt done to his satisfaction in St. Malo for £1,100 this involved 4 trips to France.
    Dentists are just the same as all the others in Jersey, Doctors, Lawyers etc,. This is one greedy place, but with the imminant shrinking of the Finance Industry, I have a hunch this will slowly change.