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Friday, 30 November 2012

"Corruption? - In Jersey? - What Fcukin Corruption?"

"This!!! Fucking!!! Corruption!!!"

Cyril 'Le Squirrel' Vibert, having endured a tedious session at the hands of, and mercy of, Bridget 'corrupt' Shaw's Court (Star Chamber) enlightened the watchers as to the perjury of two of Jersey's finest (states police officers), said liars being PC252 Mark O'Neill and PC 283 David O'Brien.

These disgusting pieces of shit were ordered to lie through their teeth, and did so, at Cyril's expense!

They testified on oath that Cyril had....Aaaah, Well, read it for yourselves at the pic below :)

None the wiser? Good....That sets a president, Jersey style :) These two poop-suckers lied through their teeth in court and denied that Cyril had said a little something! Luckily, I had schooled 'Cyril the Squirrel' in the art of covert tape recordings :)

The end result of these two police officers corruption was the letter below,  exonerated both from any wrongdoing, and by our lame-assed, corrupt excuse for an Attorney General, numpty, and conspirator, Dim Tim Le Cocq :) Cheers Fuckwit!!!

This smart-assed lawyer, and 'alleged' defender of the public faith, wrote to Cyril just the other day, and with his recommendations as to the current crisis having reviewed 'ALL' the evidence!!! :)

Dim Tim's Trite Excuses, are below.

Followed by the mandatory horseshit that accompanies these documents.


This excuse for a submission is the mandatory lame-assed bullshit these Quasi Criminals have been sending out to the people of Jersey for decades. I know, I have at least seven of these word for word bullshit letters! Each saying the exact same thing as it's predecessor!!!

I have passed all this info on to a very concerned States Member tonight, hopefully, Jersey will reap the benefits of our sacrifices in the not to distant future :)


  1. corruption there are 2500 children in shcools around the island who are hiv and they wont say who every parent has the right to that info

  2. and if u stop this stupid capcha u will have more people looking

    1. The capcha doesn't stop people looking! It is a security measure for the blog.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi VFC, I have spoken with him tonight and he is ok. As for the farcical nonsense with his sentence, we both believe that is related to the unlawful fines that Shaw saddled him with, however, he cannot do anything about that until monday at the earliest.

      I shall be visiting him on monday so will let you know what is going on as soon as I can. It is also worth noting that a man cannot be imprisoned for his inability to pay a fine (fulfil a contract).