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Friday, 9 November 2012

"Cop Kicker!"

Man who attacked policeman at St Helier takeaway jailed

Kopec attacked two men who he accused of pushing in front of him in a queue
A man who beat an off-duty police officer unconscious during an attack in a St Helier takeaway has been jailed for two years.

Polish national Krzysztos Kopec, 30, of St Helier assaulted two men after accusing them of pushing in a queue.

He admitted two counts of grave and criminal assault.

The police officer had been enjoying a night off when he was left bleeding on a pavement after being kicked and punched by Kopec.

Kopec, a scaffolder, had been drinking when he attacked the two men, beating them and kicking them while wearing steel toe-capped boots.

The Royal Court heard the other victim found it painful to eat and talk in the weeks after the attack.

Kopec initially denied the assault before he was shown security camera footage.

The court heard he had no previous convictions for violence and was an exemplary worker.

The judge said on this occasion he would not be deported after he had served his two-year prison sentence.


  1. Hi Ian.

    Got up the Audio from today. You & your readers can Listen HERE


  2. And this horrible creature, SCUMBAG, will not be deported after the completion of his sentence!
    What kind of Courts have we got?

  3. it was not his fault scum ofduty cops fault

  4. Dear Anom,
    Anyone who makes a comment like yours deserves to be deported with him, you are obviously a friend or a relative, one thing for sure, you will never have any luck, anyone who uses "the boot" is beneath contempt

    1. yes we all work for jubilee scaffolding any prob whith that you might as well deport us all

  5. He's just one of many Eastern European pieces of scum that plague our island - he should be deported!!

  6. look at .the bent cops list on google