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Thursday, 22 November 2012

"Committee Of Inquiry May Look Into Power Suspension If They Feel Like It?"

"Passing The Buck"
And please sign the petition below to help rid the Isle of Jersey of these disgusting crooks.


  1. Lewis lied, that should be enough for the States to instigate a criminal investigation. Who are you protecting Gorst.

    What problem do the council of Ministers have with getting to the truth.

    What a load of shits.

  2. Hi Ian.

    I've put up the Audio of Deputy Judy Martin's Debate to stop the Relocation of the Police HQ going to Green Street car park.

    I've put it up because I think this debate & the ones to follow "which I will also Record & publish" show's everyone the incompetence of our Ministers to do anything Right.

    I just can not Believe they want it there! & they are going to pull every trick in the book, to get there way.

    You & your readers can listen to the Debate HERE

    I think its a classic already, with a couple of Deputy's Martin straight to the point, no messing Statements. I know its long but if you just do it in parts, you'll get there in the end.