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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

"Bookies Must Ask Their 'Parish God' To Open On Sunday!"

Sunday gambling from next January

Bookies in Jersey will be able to open on Sundays from January next year.

The law that used to stop bookmakers opening shops on a Sunday is being relaxed, but it will be different in each Parish.

If the Parish constable gives the shop owners permission, the gambling stores can open.

Like any other shop, the constable will have to bear in mind if, by opening, it will cause a nuisance:

By the opening hours...

The size of the shop..

And any additional noise and traffic.

Most betting shops in the island are under 700 sq metres, so could reasonably apply.


  1. the devil is at work here

  2. Why do they just not move with times, one betting shop from each of the large firms is all that is required on a Sunday, with a notice on the door of the closed ones informing the public which one it is, similar to a Chemists shop.
    The Devil in this case is possibly the Methodists!!