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Monday, 12 November 2012

"Bailhache Attempts To Rally The Crooks Before The Inevitable"

Bailhache calls for CI Confederation

Jersey's Foreign Minister says it is vital for the Channel Islands to move towards a confederation to fight its corner on the world stage.

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache was speaking at law review meeting in Guernsey this weekend.

Senator Bailhache said: "We have to do what every country does and that is to defend our own interests. As Crown Dependencies we have less room for manoeuvre, perhaps, than sovereign states, but there is no doubt that if we stand together as Channel Islanders, and present a common position, we will be stronger than if each Bailiwick stands on its own.

"Why is this Channel Island identity growing? When there is an external threat, we are Channel Islanders, and not Guernsey or Jersey people. Sadly, external threats are more frequent than they used to be. Some come from Europe and the USA, but some come from the United Kingdom.

"Membership of the wider British family does not mean that we all share the same interests.
The UK,s economic and political interests are often different from ours.

Below, Bailhache admits lying to judges in England.

"No Legal System Can Tolerate A Vacuum!!!"
No shit, you liar and crook....

"In the LVCR case earlier this year counsel for HM Treasury and HMRC stated expressly to the High Court, on instructions no doubt, that it was of no concern to the UK government if a measure to protect the UK tax base caused economic damage in the Channel Islands."


  1. After years of listening to this cretin spouting a cry for independence from the UK, I still can't get my head around the hypocrisy of it all.

    He was a servant of the crown, given a knighthood by the Queen for his duties and he wants Jersey to be independent? I don't get it. 500 years ago he would of had his head removed and put on a pike!

    He obviously has more to gain from independence than the status quo.

  2. I agree with you completely.
    This man is power hungry, and will never be satisfied. The Bailhaches have been heard to say that they are the "royal family" of Jersey.
    What a spiv he is.