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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

"Are Nurses Worthless? Will We Have Any Left Soon?"

States pay claim:
‘Prove that nurses are valued’
A NURSING representative has challenged the States Employment Board to show that nurses and midwives are valued when considering the public sector pay claim.
The SEB, which negotiates and sets States pay, was today due to meet to discuss its latest offer to all public sector workers of a one-off payment this year and one per cent rise and one-off payment next year, and a four per cent increase in 2014 dependant on the acceptance of changes to terms and conditions.

In an open letter to the board, Kenny McNeil, chairman of the staff side of the Nurses and Midwives Joint Executive, urged members to use the opportunity to ‘prove to nurses that they are valued by the States of Jersey.’


  1. its the nurses who heal you not doctors.use your common sense

    1. "use your common sense"

      What are you talking about?

  2. Just to get this recorded in the real world, there are several levels of nurses. Specialist nurses are worth their weight in gold, clever professional and highly experienced. The rest of the qualified nurses are worth their weight in good pay and respect.

    The new game in Jersey and to be fair other jurisdictions is the employment of non qualified health care assistants, that managers tell the concerned public are nurses. Actually no they are not.

    The care assistant ladies that serve meals, bring a bed pan and when there is a problem calls for Nurse, Nurse, Nurse, Nurse, Nurse, Nurse.

    1. I have found that all those I have come across, do their job to the best of their ability and with respect and a smile. The problem lies with the admins and halfwits like Anne Pryke who's cost cutting without any idea of what she is doing, brings everyone down and destroys moral....This woman is a menace.

  3. The "unelected" Anne Pryke is out her depth!!!!!