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Thursday, 15 November 2012

"A Few Lines For A Jersey Lawyer To Remember" Part 2

Lawyer pleads not guilty

Michelle, Kai and Carly

A Jersey lawyer has pleaded not guilty to drugs charges at the Magistrate's Court this morning.

Advocate Carly James is accused of possession of cannabis and cocaine at her home in St Helier.

Her boyfriend, former Island Football Captain David Brodie, was also charged and has pleaded guilty.

They will appear in court again in two weeks' time.

"Part 1"


  1. Many of Jersey's so called profesionals and leading families are drug adicts (both parents and kids)!!

  2. The footballer will take the dive, the ref will not spot the simulation and Carly will end up on her back getting treatment.

    1. Wondered how long it would take someone! :)

      Looks like an even bet at the bookies....

  3. You can enter a plea of not guilty but that wont stop your soft pallet from rotting away and a simple medical test could tell you the guilty in in this.