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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

"3 Minute Walk To Cost Tax Payers £800,000"

Parish Assembly to consider house purchase
It takes 3 minutes to walk round to the park from this property?
Who is getting the Back-hander?
Who is the owner?
The property in Belmont Road could provide a walkway to the Town Park
through the entrance on the right, if parishioners agree
PLANS to purchase an £800,000 property in Belmont Road to create a walkway and cycle access to the Millennium Town Park are being put to a St Helier Parish Assembly this evening.
The scheme being recommended by the roads committee and Procureurs du Bien Public involves the purchasing from the Jersey Gas Company of 32 Belmont Road, a Victorian terraced, three-storey house in which there are four flats, with parking and an existing through-way to Tunnell Street from the Belmont Road entrance.

If the proposal is approved by the assembly and the parish purchases the property, which is a potentially listed building, the access to Tunnell Street would be used to create the public walkway to the Town Park, and the building would remain intact.

The assembly, being held at the Town Hall from 7pm, will also be asked to approve a £100,000 contribution from the parish towards the £260,000 cost of restoring the Victorian swimming pool at West Park.


  1. A good idea, a bit of character to the St. the shortcut will be helpfull to a great deal of people, and the income from the 4 flats, plus the building which could be sold off in the future for a profit, or alternatively used for something else, it is not money down the drain.

    1. Yeah, a good idea, until you read this!

      "It will mean 32 Belmont Road will be paid for by St Helier rate payers to enable easier access to the Town Park from that part of the Parish. The move was put forward by Geraint Jennings, a member of the St Helier Roads Committee. He believes the purchase will represent a good deal for parishioners. The aim is to refurbish the four apartments at 32 Belmont Road and sell them on at a break even price at least."

      So, what income from the flats anon???

  2. The Assembly has passed it so what can one do?

    1. Sit back and passively accept it as most on the island do :)

      Just keep letting these disgusting crooks get away with their corruption, or, you can stop paying your tax and social security, go to jail for your parking, or any other fines, and say NO MORE!!!