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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

"2,500 Disallowed Referals But No Crimes Committed By GP's?"

Nearly 2,500 false referral claims by GPs

GPs in Jersey have made nearly 2,500 disallowed referral claims to the Social Department over the past year.

The rebates - money which is given to doctors when they treat patients - is claimed from the Social Security Department.

Senator Sarah Ferguson has questioned them over how many false claims there have been, what action is taken when that happens and what checks and balances are in place.

Social Security Minister, Deputy Francis Le Gresley says claims are checked automatically and invalid claims are rejected.

They are checked by an IT system which automatically rejects multiple claims for the same consultation.

It also alerts the department if a patient has more than one visit or claim within 24 hours from the same surgery.

Payment is not made unless the surgery can confirm the two claims are genuine.

If a GP were to falsely claim, this can be classed as fraud and referred to the Police.


  1. i changed my doctors 6 months ago for repeatedly charging me twice .sick of the greedy twats that cant get it right .also sick of rude staff at the surgery .i now use the internet more and self treat myself for minor problems and get better results.
    i cant afford £38.00 for 5 minutes and they still don't cure me .

  2. doctors do nothing .just refer you to someone for old rope hey. more doctors in jersey perhead than any where else in the world.strange

  3. Doctors on average charge around £35 a visit which is roughly 10mins, for every letter they send on a patients behalf (hospital referral etc,) they receive £19, this money comes from the Social Security Health Insurance Fund.
    The Social Security could discontinue this payment any time they like as it costs the Island nearly £9million a year, trouble is they would increase the price of a consultation to around £50 a visit. a catch22 situation!