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Friday, 12 October 2012

" Just About Sums Up The Cancer Scam"

"Just Keep Giving - To Big Pharma"

I wish to God people would do some research on cures for cancer instead of believing the shite that the medical profession spew out on a never ending basis. These pigs know that virtually every cancer was curable by the sixties, a lot of cancers were curable a hundred years ago, so what is going on?
GREED!!!....nothing more.
Please click on the link, and the labels below and awaken from your slumber.


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  1. I would like it know that anything I have written on this posting does not detract in any way from the very noble efforts of Hannah Barrot and Emma-Jane Wileman. I did genuinely forget to make this point yesterday, as I had thought about it. This point was also raised this morning in a comment which I refused to post for it's vexaciousness toward myself. If you want anything posting anon, try being reasonable about it, I do make mistakes and forget things from time to time just like the rest of us do!