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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

"When Silence Is The Best Answer - A Damning Indictment On Jersey Justice"

"Standing Up To Government Tyranny"

Six of the twelve cases below are my cases, and there are others. The other six cases involve other people and issues, but all have one common denominator, they are all

Jersey cannot deal with it's own infestation of corruption and lawlessness,
so what does Jersey do? Ignores it....

I am posting this tonight as I may well be in prison on Thursday, so we have a little time for some feedback from our readers. It is some posting and will require a lot of reading through the links to get a clear picture (if you don't already have one) of the utter malfeasance's of Jersey governance. Enough is truly enough.



Cyril (Le Squirrel)

"If the single man plant himself indomitably on his instincts,and there abide, the huge world will come round to him."
Where On Earth To Start?
The beginning is usually a good bet, but if I did that I would be writing for months! I am going to keep this posting as brief as possible, having said that, it is still going to be a long one but with the links and letters of the past doing the majority of the work. I will split the posting into sections for ease of reference. Remember....The point of this posting is to show the age old tactic of the Jersey Authorities.
"Ignore it, and with certainty, it will surely go away!"

Case One:
The Avon & Somerset Police Report:
This epic has been rumbling on since Christmas 1995 and entails re-written witness statements, police interfering with other evidence, and 'trial tapes' being doctored before they were sent to England for transcription. This story also involves the duplicity of some Jersey lawyers and the then Attorney General, Michael Birt (our newly knighted Bailiff) who flatly refused to hand over a copy of this report deeming it "Not In The Public Interest", and which report still eludes me. This story can be read at the link directly below.

At the next two links directly below, you will find some letters I wrote to England to try and get them to intervene. I never even received a response from anyone other than the Constitutional Unit who simply sent me a template letter (which was identical to two other inmates letters) stating that my case had been thoroughly looked into! In this link you will also find the two facsimiles I received from the transcribers of Jersey's trial tapes, Laidler/Haswell Ltd proving that the original trial tapes were never even sent for transcription!

Over the last year I have had a Jersey lawyer look into these matters, the Jersey Police have laughingly confirmed that the Avon & Somerset Police Report was destroyed in a (biblical) flood, a fact that I had pre-warned my lawyer of...."Beware the flood or the fire". We have also been told that no electronic copy of the report exists, yet strangely enough, my lawyer has not even wrote to the Avon & Somerset Police to ask for a copy of the report!!! The link to this nonsense is directly below.
This case is still ongoing.

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been gradually sold to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and it's speaker a raving lunatic."
Dresden James

Case Two:
Child Abusing Policemen:
This one is a shocker, simply because none of it needed to happen. A (not so nice) taxi driver took the hump because one of his passengers exited the vehicle and ran to his house to get money to pay the driver. The taxi driver called the police who turned up mob handed and proceeded to give the teenagers a good battering, and for what? More police then turned up and started to shove other youngsters around, including young girls.The story can be read at the link directly below.

My friend Maria, who was an independent witness and the author of the initial complaint, was told by the desk Sergeant at the police station that she could not make a complaint as she was not the victim!!! Unfortunately for the police, Maria has a will of iron and will not be deterred from seeing justice done. At the link below is her encounter with the officers who took her complaint.

In part 3, Maria explains that one of the victims was found guilty of the trumped up charges against him, the other victim went to the parish hall for his, err, hearing, where his mother discovered that the adjudicating policeman had not even been furnished with a copy of Maria's statement? That is just so Jersey, anything to save a bent cop hey? The parish hall details can be read at the link directly below.

The investigation is now concluded (see letter below) and the files have been sent to the Jersey Attorney General, Tim Le Cocq, for his determination of the evidence against the police. I have already explained to Maria what to expect from the Attorney General and the Jersey police in relation to any charges against their own police officers. It will no doubt be the same mandatory template document they send to everyone who makes a criminal complaint against any of the Jersey authorities. Move along people, nothing to see here, blah, blah, blah....

Just left click on the pic to read it
Please note, I have removed Maria's address and the case reference number for her own privacy and safety. Please also note the date of the letter, 20th July 2012. Just how long does it take to make a decision on the bleeding obvious? In true Jersey fashion, there is another twist to this case, one which implies more corruption on the part of the Jersey police and the island's authorities. However, I shall be keeping that to myself until we get a response from the Attorney General, then we can use the information at hand :)
This case is still ongoing.
"Truth comes as conqueror only to those
who have lost the art of receiving it as friend."
Rabindranath Tagore

Case Three:
Jersey Courts Committing Fraud On The People:
Cyril, (my round little buddy) sometimes known as The Squirrel, and who introduced me to Common Law, was unlawfully summoned to court. He established that the judge, Richard Falle, was committing fraud on the court by refusing to read the letter he had written, refusing to recognise Cyril as a man, and ignoring any 'submission' that Cyril put to the bench. You can read and "Listen" to this travesty linked below :)

Cyril put forward a complaint against (alleged) Judge, Richard Falle. This complaint was sent to Jane Martin, the C.E.O of the Jersey Law Society. She, in turn, sent it to David Filipponi, the Chief Officer of the Bailiff's Chambers. The letter is below for your perusal.



Adv. Jane  Martin
The Law Society of Jersey,
P.O. Box 493,
St. Helier, Jersey.


This complaint and demand is both specific and general

On the 4th of January 2012 at the petty debts court in Union St., St.Helier, Jersey, Richard Falle a member of Your Society, did practice law from the bench of said court.

This being in contravention of the MAGISTRATE’S COURT (MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS) (JERSEY) LAW 1949

ARTICLE 15  Role of the Magistrate

In proceedings conducted in accordance with Article 14, the Magistrate shall perform only a judicial role.

Evidence of this offence can be heard on the enclosed CD or by visiting

Please note that before this recording begins I announced the following;

That I was appearing specially and not generally,

That I was convening a common law court with inherent jurisdiction,

That I was recording the proceedings.

Whereas it is my understanding that some members of Your Society also swear a public oath of office, and

Whereas it is my understanding that Your Society is responsible for regulation and discipline of Your Society members, and

Whereas it is my understanding that I can demand that any member of Your Society who also swears a public oath of office, honours the public oath of office when acting as a public officer in matters that might concern me, and

Whereas it is my understanding that any member of Your society who operates outside the authority of their public oath of office, in matters that may affect me, has no authority over me and must be sanctioned by Your Society for such offences, in accordance with the laws and rules of Your Society, and

Whereas it is my understanding that I am a man, who has inalienable rights, and

Whereas it is my understanding that Your Society is a legal fiction, and

Whereas it is my understanding that I am not a member, agent, employee, representative or affiliate of Your Society, and

Whereas it is my understanding that I do not have a valid lawful contract with Your Society, and

Whereas it is my understanding that I am not obliged by any laws or rules of Your Society

Therefore I demand that Your Society, its members, agents, employees, representatives, affiliates, contractors or other interested parties desist from using Your Society laws and/ or rules to attack me with.

I also demand an apology and reparation from your member Richard Falle for any wrong I have suffered, and the removal of any judgment made by him against me.

I also demand an apology and reparation from the Advocate who apparently signed the enclosed copy of a summons, absent any valid cause of action and/ or proof of claim

I reserve the right to publish any or all correspondence with Your Society regarding this matter.

Your Society and/or its members mentioned above have 7(seven) days from receipt of this notice to rebut my complaints, understanding and demands, in full, in writing and in good faith.

Failure to properly rebut this notice and its contents within 7 days will be deemed by all parties to constitute acceptance of my complaints, understanding and demands.

All words, terms, phrases, symbols and figures used herein have the meanings I give them and are not open to be reinterpreted


All inalienable rights reserved                                    31st January 2012

The Jersey Law Society response is below.

Just click on the pic to read it

Mr Filipponi replied to Cyril asking Cyril what exactly the nature of his complaint was? One might find this quite incredible when understanding the position held by Mr Filipponi, is he really that naive he cannot understand plain English, with just a touch of lawyer speak thrown in! Or is he stalling for time? Aah, don't worry about it, he did the exact same thing to me, and which you shall be reading about later on in this posting. Mr Filipponi's letter is below.

Just click on the pic to read it

Interestingly enough, it was Richard Falle who imprisoned Cyril for two days for contempt of court without any first hand knowledge of the alleged contempt, and no written complaint. Ponder that one?
This case is still ongoing.

"When Darkness Falls, It is often the
Humble Candles
That become the Mighty Beacons"

Case Four:
Judge Bridget Shaw Arrested For 'Social' Ignorance:
The link below follows on from the above case and encapsulates my case also, it was easier to conjoin the two at the time. The link below reiterates Cyril's case against Richard Falle (above), the second half of the posting is applicable to me and my alleged debt to the Social Security Department, another Ltd Liability Company under the umbrella of the States of Jersey Inc. Social Security were trying to charge me more money than I had 'actually earned' at the time. How does that work? My section of the link below starts at the Adolf Hitler impersonation.

The letters at the link above are those that I wrote before MR IAN LESLIE EVANS court appearance, the legal fiction person that I am the beneficiary of :) When attending court as a third party representative of the legal fiction person, I was accosted by an alleged Magistrate, Bridget Shaw. It took little or no time at all to establish that she was not a Magistrate, but just acting as one. As the link directly below will tell you, she refuse twice to confirm her Oath of Office thereby rendering her little more than the fake she is. Because she refused to confirm her Oath of Office and prove she was acting lawfully, she had no standing, and therefore I arrested her for "Contempt of court"...."Abuse of process"....and "Treason". You can listen to her Treason and the contemptuous abuse of process at the link below.

Of course, the league of friends that made up the alleged court, just laughed at me whilst Bridget proclaimed her virtuous judgement, a judgement that I did not consent to. I then asked the Clerk of the Court (twice) to phone the police, but no response from the old windsock! Surprise, Surprise....On leaving the court I rang the police who seemed to turn up just as I was making the call, we had a little chat with them, the end result of which was "We cannot arrest a Magistrate". The sound recording of this is also on the above link. I then lodged a formal complaint against Bridget Shaw to the Jersey Law Society which was passed on to Mr David Filipponi, the Chief Officer of the Bailiff's Chamber. So far it has taken seven months just to establish the fact that Mr Filipponi is in fact, in receipt of my complaint! Please see the link directly below, if only to marvel at the stalling tactics they employ.

As a direct result of the above corruption, case five below was the end product!!! Great job you guys. I do hope they feel so very very proud of themselves....
This case is still ongoing.

"If you realise that all things change, there is nothing that you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve."
Ancient Chinese Proverb

Case Five:
Heart Attacks & Criminal Acts:
Boy Howdy, this part of the posting is going to be fun, for this is my story. Well, a significant part of it anyhoo. So here we go, and running on from the above story. On Friday the 9th March 2012 I was kidnapped in the street by the Jersey Police, the reason they gave was suspicion of contempt of court. My keys and phone were taken from me and I was transported to police HQ where I was detained for six hours. During this time my home was ransacked by the police with no lawful warrant and without an independent witness to verify anything. This part can be read in full at the link below.

So, they arrested me, robbed my home of my computers and other evidence, and stole my mobile phone leaving me with no means of communication for my work. The excuse for doing this was that they said I may have been in contempt of court for audio recording the above case in which I arrested judge Bridget Shaw. Of course, I knew this was a lie, they were really on a fishing trip to see what evidence I was holding against them. I had made it know that I had evidence against members of their police force, the Professional Standards Unit which is supposed to investigate corrupt cops. I had evidence of certain members trying to aid and abet a bent cop who has now been dismissed from the force for corruption, and with a full pension!!! On the 30th March 2012 I suffered a heart attack at work, no doubt brought on by the stress the Jersey police had put me under. They had still not returned any of my property so I had done little or no work since the 9th March resulting in great financial difficulty for myself. The hospital interview I did with VFC is below.

During my weekend in the Jersey hospital I wrote a blog posting explaining the real hardships some of us go through when fighting for justice and the rule of law in Jersey. It is a rather sentimental, yet poignant posting which shows the true ordeal that jersey Bloggers go through. Link is below.

Subsequently, I ended up having a triple bypass at Oxford hospital a month later. On returning to Jersey after the operation I tried to contact anyone I could to get my equipment and mobile phone back as the Jersey Police were now endangering my life by withholding my phone. I finally got hold of the police legal advisor who arranged for my phone to be returned within ten minutes! However, the struggle to get hold of that legal advisor took TWO DAYS! This epic is linked directly below.

On the 16th September 2012, I was feeling well enough to start looking for answers to the disgraceful treatment I had received. I wrote a letter to police Duty Inspector, Le Hegerat requesting information in conjunction with my case, this letter was hand delivered. It is almost a month on and I haven't even received an acknowledgement from the Jersey police, will I receive a response? I doubt it. Incidentally, the trumped up charge (Contempt of Court) they used to enable them to rob my equipment, I have never been formally charged with to this day!!! My questions are linked below.
This case is still ongoing.

"Vengeance is a water vessel with a hole.
It carries nothing but the promise of emptiness."
Shaolin Proverb

Case Six:
When Perjury & Doctoring Trial Tapes Is Acceptable:
Cyril's parking tick-et, the Establishment have spent thousands upon thousands of pounds of tax payers money, completely wasted on this evasive little peregrination to try to stop our Common Law exploits from exposing their parking ticket scam! They know that we know what they are up to and yet they continue to try and protect their lucrative deception, even to the point of getting two policemen to perjure themselves at Cyril's trial. Worse than this, someone within the Greffe at the Magistrates Court decided it would be a good idea to doctor Cyril's trial tapes before his appeal to the Royal Court! As you have already read at story one on this posting, doctoring trial tapes is well within the compass of Jersey Government Establishment Practices. Indeed, I do not believe that there is any length these crooks won't go to to cover up their malfeasance's. Cyril was up in court for pleadings and ended up arresting Bridget Shaw for her second time. See link below for this story.

At trial, Cyril annihilated the prosecution as the work we had done in preparation had been completely nailed down. Of course, Cyril was found guilty nonetheless and put in for an appeal immediately, this was when we discovered that his trial tapes had been doctored! In the link below, we show what questions we had prepared, and what order they were in. We also show the (alleged) transcripts that were supposed to match our written and logged questions, and which they did not match. Please see the link directly below for this section.

In this section we learn of the utter corruption that plagues Jersey courts. What judge William Bailhache said in court was beyond any boundary of established corruption, and I roughly quote....
"Bailhache proceeded to explain that, 'even if' the two police officers had lied in their statements, and had indeed perjured themselves in court, what they had lied about would NOT have had any bearing on the outcome of the trial!!!"
"Then turning to the matter of the doctored trial tapes, Bailhache said that whatever we had alleged was missing from them "Was Irrelevant" and would not have any bearing on the outcome of the appeal!!!"
Quite incredible isn't it? William Bailhache is the Deputy Bailiff of Jersey for crying out loud, this is how far the corruption goes. You can read this section at the link directly below.
Cyril asked for full disclosure of the evidence and a paper requesting the attendance of the perjurious policemen was filed also. Of course, Cyril never received a reply to his requests, and there was no policeman in attendance at the court. These facts can be read at the link below.
Oddly enough, the Jersey judiciary were even brazen enough to put their corruption in black & white! Below is a copy of the judgement that day.
Cyril lodged a formal complaint against the two policemen who perjured themselves, and also against the judge William Bailhache who refused point blank to have these matters looked into before an appeal against conviction could take place. This complaint can be read at the link directly below.

As my readers may have anticipated by now, Cyril never got a single response from anyone in Jersey? The only response he got was an 'unsigned' template letter from The Ministry of Justice's Crown Dependencies Team which effectively just passed the buck back on Jersey authorities instead of dealing with the issue themselves! This letter can be read at the link below.

After being ignored by the Crown Dependencies Team, the Bailiff and the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, Cyril set about giving them all a little nudge via Email. These Emails are at the link below.
This case is still ongoing.

"There is no cruder tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of Law and in the name of justice."

Case Seven:
Ian Deals With The Transaction Of A Security Interest:
After traveling into town in an automobile owned by a friend of mine and parking up on publicly owned land for about three minutes, this automobile was slapped with an unlawful ticket. My friend (the registered keeper) was 'allegedly' summonsed to the Parish hall. I said I would go instead as I was traveling in the automobile at the time. Unfortunately, the parish hall enquiry was at 8pm on the same day as I was arrested in the street in Case 5 (above) so it was impossible for me to attend the parish hall as I was not released from custody until 9.30pm. As a result of this I wrote to the parish hall to explain what had happened, and that I would attend another parish hall enquiry to sort matters out, I received NO reply.

Weeks later my friend was summonsed to court, I attempted to deal with this, but as the order was already served on him, he had to attend Court. I turned up at court with him and explained to the judge that I was the one traveling in the automobile at the time, the judge said "so you were driving the vehicle?" I said "no, I was traveling in the automobile". Judgey wudgey didn't like this as he wanted me to admit to "driving the vehicle" which is a legal term that they can act against you with. The judge then unlawfully dismissed my evidence that my friend was nothing to do with this matter and set a trial date for my friend!!! How corrupt are judges? I gave evidence under oath, and he refused to acknowledge it....Therefore burdening my friend with another court appearance simply because he knew the court would not get their extortion money if I was dealing with the case. £30!!!

At my friends trial we went through the same nonsense and I just said "Look, I was driving the vehicle" which made the whole court smile as they thought they were getting their £30 without a fight, not a chance. Bridget Shaw passed judgement on me and I walked over to the Viscounts desk and took their card which incidentally, is a security interest. From the moment I took that card I was contracting with them, however, that contract can be terminated within a three day period. All that is required is that the instrument (the card) is returned to the Viscounts department with a 'notice' stating that you simply do not wish to contract with them! To easy. The link directly below shows my notice to the viscounts department and my notice to the Viscount. The second letter was put in there as I had been warned there may be a warrant out for my arrest for none payment of the fine. Also on this link below, are two more links that explain in detail what a security interest actually is, and how to deal with them. There are also two letters on there that show & prove that what we are saying is correct. I shall post these letters below as they demonstrate beautifully, the fraud that is being perpetrated

Below, is the first security interest we ever dealt with and what success we had :)
Just left click on the pics to read them
Below, is the admission that we are entirely correct in our thinking.
As most of you are aware, I am up in court again on Thursday at for the very same ticket. They have added the contempt of court charge for not attending even though I was never notified that I was required to attend, and they have heaped upon me another charge of failing to produce insurance when I was never asked to produce any insurance! They had the registered keeper of the vehicle in court, twice previously, so why did they not ask him to produce the insurance papers???
This case is still ongoing.
"Those with [De Facto] power will not let it go without a fight. And if it comes down to it, they will first seek to use the law, then abuse it, then change it, then disregard it entirely. Our strategy must be to always and only embrace the law. That is what will save us when they abandon it entirely."
Robert Arthur Menard
Case Eight:
Dealing With Idiot Lawyers - The Bale-Thacker Experience:
Advocate Charles Thacker....President of the Jersey Law Society, upstanding member of the community, and beyond reproach. Well? Judge for yourself....

Charles Thacker
At the end of 2009 I was appointed a legal aid lawyer (lucky dip lawyer) as we call them, this was to look into whether I had a case to sue the authorities for the criminality that you have read above, and some criminality that I have not yet published, but will. I was appointed two or three lawyers (conflicted or scared) before I finally got saddled with Advocate Bale of VerrasLaw. Not once did Advocate Bale make contact with me, so after a month I took it upon myself to call him. During this conversation Advocate Bale told me that he was "Not Qualified to do Legal Aid work" ??? He also stated that "I wouldn't want a lawyer who is not up to the task"? What are these people on? I was left with no choice but to lodge a complaint, this complaint is below.

Just click on the pic

After this complaint was lodged the Jersey Law Society took over, you can read all about their involvement at the link directly below. As you will read, this led to Thacker's farcical involvement and ended up as a complaint against Thacker himself!!!

Having received the above linked nonsense from Charles Thacker, I was left with little choice other than to instigate a complaint against him.This complaint is at the link directly below.

As you have now read, I deemed Thacker's response as either gross negligence or criminality, what else can it be from a very seasoned lawyer? We are now having to go through the entire process again. Bearing in mind the first complaint took nearly two and a half years to deal with, we now have to repeat the shenanigan again with Advocate Bale, and with Advocate Thacker in tow. Incredible!!!
This case is still ongoing.

"Truth is often a shadow in darkness."
Master Khan

Case Nine:
How The Law Protects Bent Cops:
When your down, your down, the last thing you need is to be attacked, and especially by obnoxious ignorant arrogant cowardly coppers who are to stupid to check you out before they screw with you. I have been waiting for a year and a half for a reply to my complaints to Chief Police Officer, Mike Bowron & The Attorney General of Jersey, Tim Le Cocq, are they hoping I might have a heart attack and die before they have to respond? I have decided to publish this case as I feel there is not a hope in hell of achieving any justice in Jersey, this will be done over the next few weeks, and in the most profound detail. This case entails grave and criminal assault, perjury, perverting the course of justice, misconduct in public office, treason, fabricating evidence, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, dereliction of duty, fraud on the court and other assorted goodies. The link below is a small taster of what has gone on in this case.
This case is still ongoing.

"The dust of truth swirls, and seeks its own cracks of entry. And a tree fallen in the forest, without ears to hear, makes no sound. Yet it falls."
Master Po

Case Ten:
Police Corruption In The Curtis Warren Saga:
Complaints about the conduct of police officers need to be to clear up, no news since then?
This case is still ongoing.

Case Eleven:
Jersey Planning Corruption - Is Anybody Doing Anything:
Planning corruption complaints were made by Deputy Carolyn Labey, no news since then?
This case is still ongoing.

Case Twelve:
Stuart Syvret & The Jersey Police Complaints Process:
Stuart Syvret attended Police HQ some months ago, he did so to make the most profound complaints imaginable. Complaints against the illegal suspension of Graham Power, complaints with regard to Nurse-M and complaints in conjunction with systemic child abuse amongst other complaints such as the unlawful interference of Ministers work and the detrimental effect on the general public of Jersey. Since making these extremely well evidenced complaints, Stuart has heard nothing?
This case is still ongoing.

Legend says;
"The heroes of today are the souls reborn of earlier knights, already shaped for what they did by what they had done before. How often must it be done again? Over and over again? As often as is necessary.
Governments do govern. Yet, when Sage and fool, King and peasant find accord, and earth and heaven mingle, there will come times when good and peace prevail.
Before you seek change (the sages said) be very sure you have savoured all the joys of the present, for sometimes, there is nothing to do but wait for the vain.
Only men who face the time without illusion or fear, will endure any fate to its end."

Ancient Chinese Proverb

This blog posting is dedicated to our true heroes and heroines
Stuart Syvret
Carrie Modral
Graham Power
Simon Bellwood
Robert Green
Web Guru
Lenny Harper
Trevor Pitman
Brian C
Leah McGrath Goodman
All Survivors of Child Abuse
All those who have spoken out in support of the above :)
You Guys Are Awesome....



  1. Which building are you in for your business meeting tomorrow?

    The Beano is not the Rag

    1. Board meeting is in the Magistrates court next to Cyril Le Marquand House

  2. The Chief Minister Ian Gorst is your man. Only yesterday

    Listen 1:20 onwards. Ian Gorst we do have appropriate seperation between Judiciary and legislature

    What say you Ian. Ian yourself and Cyril have some serious cases that do need to be dealt with. Specifically police being able to arrest imprison and go into peoples houses willy nilly. Your heart attack case needs serious consideration. Above all you need answers.

    1. Gorst lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land and clearly has very little grasp of life outside his padded bubble.

  3. I almost wrote "I have read all of this before, whats new" but thought that might have come across as the usual troll style comment, and not the sarcasm I meant so I have changed it to:

    I have read all of this before, almost nothing new and therein lies a huge problem, nothing is being done. All of these examples are just allowed to drag on in the hope it will all go away eventually.

    It shouldn't annoy me worse than it does any other cases listed above but somehow the planning corruption allegations does. I think it annoys me so much because it is a clear example of a politician making an accusation and then not following it up, or being made not to follow it up and nothing is said about it. Lets just forget about it seems to be the result from both the accused and the accuser. It seems to sum up every case above whereby its a case of lets just hope it eventually goes away.

    If a politician is happy to just leave things be and not follow them up then it shows what chance the other cases have. It sets the stage so to speak. Fortunately, in you above post it appears some people won't just lie back and take what they are told and have the backbone to follow things up and I truly hope they get what they deserve. Justice.

  4. Hi Ian.

    Audio of Mr Harper talking on Radio 5 with Tony Livesey last night, very interesting. Don't think this is going to go away too soon.

    You & your reader's can listen HERE


  5. Great posting by Tom Gruchy, very interesting read.

  6. Victory in Jersey courts is won before you step foot inside.

    I honestly believe that to be true. Cases are not won or lost on merit they are won because certain people are given the ability to decide who wins on a particular issue. Its not about what is said or isn't its about who can pay to prevent free speach and what your worth to the person who can achieve that.

  7. To our Guernsey friend who got a report from
    could I ask you to give us some details of that report ie; known since date, directors,secretary and anything else that might be of interest.
    all the better to see the bigger picture.



    1. Think your comment is on the wrong post young Cyril!


    I will be interviewing Deputy Higgins this thursday at 7pm on the above link.


  9. Leah McGrath Goodman writes about JERSEY

  10. Hi you guys,

    as you will have guessed by now, I didn't get locked up. I arrived at court at 9.00am with Cyril to file our papers, mine for today and Cyril's for tomorrow. Whilst attempting to file our papers a gentleman asked to speak to me and informed me that the charges against me were going to be dropped at 10.00am.

    Myself and Cyril returned at ten o'clock and as was said, all charges were dropped against me, I am even getting costs awarded. Oh, that useless thing called common law hey?

    I will be posting in full about today's events and indeed, about what happens with Cyril tomorrow, so until then :)

  11. Well done you. Take a deep breath and breathe that free air.

  12. well done ian hope cyril gets the same outcome,but allso i hope they dont use cyril and give him a hard time to get at you.kind regards martin

    1. Thanks Martin, don't worry about Cyril, I don't think Cyril will have any problems tomorrow after the work that we have done the last few weeks :)

  13. Ian will you post the article in the JEP 'No' to call for review of the abuse compensation scheme as an online record?

    1. If I can get a free copy off my neighbour then I certainly will post it, but it will be tomorrow, hope that will do :)

  14. Thanks Ian tomorrow is fine.

    I will not wish Cyril luck, I dont think he needs it, he has evidence on his side. If not tomorrow, there will be his day when he gets his justice.

  15. I am in possession of Kitty Litter Tray Liner so will publish tomorrow :)

  16. I am absolutely amazed to have come across this posting in the Nursing & Midwifery Counccil Search today:

    Nursing & Midwifery Council

    About us Registration Hearings Publications Other languages Contact us Website feedback General public Nurses and midwives Employers and managers Educators Students Press and media Get involved
    What is fitness to practise?
    How the process works
    Information for those whose conduct is under investigation
    Information for witnesses
    Attending a hearing
    Hearings and outcomes
    Conditions of practice orders
    Statistics about fitness to practise hearings
    Changes to the register
    Home > Hearings > Hearings and outcomes > October 2012 > Allegations: MAROLIA, Andrew 80K1308E
    Allegations: MAROLIA, Andrew 80K1308E
    That you, whilst a registered nurse:

    1. Incorrectly stated in your Notification of Practice Form dated 12th August 2008 that you had completed 450 hours of practice as a registered nurse in the last 3 years;

    2. Your actions at Charge (1) were dishonest;

    3. Between approximately December 2006 and January 2007 worked as a registered nurse in Jersey whilst not registered with the Jersey Health Authority.

    And, in the light of the above, your fitness to practise is impaired by reason of your misconduct”.

  17. Glad to hear the charges were dropped - Good luck for Cyril tomorrow.


  18. Hey Mo, will be posting about Cyril tonight or tomorrow, it was hilarious!!! :)

  19. Who was responsible for his employment at the time? Why were his credentials not checked? This is the person named in UK as having a super-injunction in Jersey of which Trevor Pitman was asking questions in the States of Jersey.

    Why are taxpayers through the States of Jersey protecting rather than condemning such actions?

    Now I know the worlds gone mad.


    The above charges Created date : 11/10/2012 Modified date : 11/10/2012

    What of the other concerns in the police records?

  21. Ian on your own case, looking at the transcripts, nowhere does it say its ''on the record'' It does not even claim to be a transcript of ''a'' record, there's no mention of it even being a court record, no one has signed it?

    I guess you know who is responsible for performing this government service.

    The way this is set up there is some deception going on. It makes sence why you are told you cannot tape what is taking place. None of this stuff is on the record and if its not on the record then someone is deleting recordings and transcripts.