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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

"What Deputy Labey Had To Say On Planning Corruption"


"Key Witnesses 'NOT' Interviewed!!!"

Same old, same old



Re the supposed "investigation" into Terry Le Main - and his supposedly being "cleared".

No - I was not interviewed by the police.

Nor - more significantly - were at least four primary witnesses.

Nor was any investigative effort made to obtain any evidence, from the obvious sources & locations. In contrast say, to an illegal, ten-strong police raid - conducted without a search-warrant - against me, for a single supposed breach of the Data Protection Law. A raid ordered by William Bailhache -who then lied about it. The same William Bailhache who - in an act of gross criminality - attempted to coerce Police Chief Graham Power into not investigating the planning corruption. Mr Power refused to be coerced in that way - so Bailhache said to him "So be it." A few days later, the Police Chief was illegally suspended. He was replaced by David Warcup, the puppet of the Bailhache Brothers - who then carried out the illegal raid.

Quite simply - the matter has not been actually "investigated - in any proper, objective, lawful sense.

On the contrary - strenuous - and illegal - efforts were made by the Law Officers Department and the SOJP to actually sabotage any effective investigation.

But, despair not - it's another damning example pf the breakdown in the rule of law - going on the claim-form against the Sec of State for Justice.




  1. SO,

    "In fact, there is no suggestion that a detailed investigation took place at all as certain key witnesses were not interviewed."

    Well, well, isn't that just like Bowron and his boys? ANOTHER case where they haven't interviewed the key witnesses, you just couldn't make this sh*t up!!!

  2. What was the the Chief Ministers announcement about yesterday? Is the investigation closed?

  3. I think this one is going to be a small scale HDLG, not allowed to disappear out of sight. It looks like the official line is that yes, it is over, move along people, nothing to see here!

  4. "Police say they can find no evidence to back up the allegation."

    No wonder is it! if they are not going out and interviewing the complainants and witnesses? If you don't look for any evidence you are certainly not going to find any evidence are you?

    This is the typical mandate of a Police investigation in Jersey.

  5. off topic

  6. If you think that's bad, take a good look at THE SAMSON OPTION

  7. Terry having a go at healthy free speech, well pretty obvious which team he bats for. As for a law on bloggers would that be statute law Ole Terry? You have kids Terry bless the poor things. : ) Phil

  8. Ha...ha...ha.... Tel Boy...I don't think many people believe you...and my feeling is...that a law should be brought in to protect the public against people like you...!