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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

"Well, It Worked For Niall Linden!"

Steps to retrieve Christmas' salary

Aside from the Bus Strike Jersey's government have discussed looking into way's of getting back the salary being paid to a jailed judge.

Jersey's Chief Minister has confirmed "steps are being taken" to get back the six-figure salary being paid to a judge who was last week jailed for fraud.

Magistrate Designate Ian Christmas stayed on his full salary throughout his trial and after a guilty verdict was delivered.

He was eventually jailed last week for 15 months when it emerged he was still being paid as a member of the judiciary.

Senator Ian Gorst said: "The appropriate advice is being sought and it would be inappropriate for me to reveal any further details to the States assembly at this stage."

He added the whole issue brought into focus the need for the judiciary to maintain public confidence, but acknowledged it could be sometimes difficult for a disciplinary process to begin before criminal proceedings have been concluded for fear of prejudicing the case.

But he acknowledged: "I don't think anyone is satisfied with the current process."

Ian Christmas earns a six figure salary for his judicial role.

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