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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

"The Sad Death Of Matthew Wing"

Legal high killed teenager

The inquest of a teenage father who died after taking Benzo Fury has revealed that the legal high killed him.

Matthew Wing died after taking the drug, which resulted in violent and disturbing behaviour that necessitated restraint.

The 19-year-old died later in hospital due to intoxication and a prolonged struggle for his life.

The inquest opened back in March this year after the teenager died but it has taken months to analyse how.

Matthew Wing, 19, went on a night out with his friends on the 10th March this year. He then went on to a house party.

During the course of the night and morning, Matthew's friends described how he was acting.

The inquest heard today that the 19-year-old became agitated, sweaty and began shaking.

Later on his friends described him as "freaking out" and "out of control" saying he was "banging his head off the walls and screaming in pain"

Matthew was described as roaring "Get this out of me, get me out of here".

They said he was struggling like a mad man.

The inquest heard his friends called an ambulance a few hours after Matthew was screaming.

While the inquest was taking place this morning, Matthew's mother ran out of the States because she just couldn't listen.

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