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Sunday, 21 October 2012

"The Dissection Of A Criminal System" Part 1

"A Brief Introduction - And....The Players"
Tomorrow we begin the story of a six year epic struggle for justice, and which is still ongoing.
On the 21st of June 2006 at precisely 3.02am our wonderful police proceeded to grave and criminally assault me. This was a rather spineless and vicious physical attack for no reason other than for their amusement and gratification, town must have been quiet that night! No one else to bully hey? How did I know the exact time of the assault? :) All will become clear in the next ten days or so....
What happened after this gutless assault was far worse than any pain they could ever attempt to inflict on me personally, and they exposed their rotten disgusting justice system for the sham it really is. See Case 9 below for another intro into the sordid world of Jersey corruption and it's many many vassals.

"The Government Players"

"The Police Bullies & Perjury"
PC A. Du Feu
PC S.A. Le Bas
PC R. McIntosh
PC L. Lang
& Centenier Gallichan (not physically or perjury)
"The Corrupt Judges"
Magistrate Ian Le Marquand
Commissioner Francis C. Hamon
Ju-Rat R.M. Bullen
Ju-Rat P.J. Morgan
"The Cover-up Merchants"
A.C.O David Warcup
A.D.C.O Barry Taylor
Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand
Attorney General William Bailhache
Attorney General T. Le Cocq
Chief Officer M. Bowron
Jersey Police Complaints Authority
"The Honourable Players"
Mr William Little & his working partner
(ex English police officers)
Isn't it strange that the only ones named 'honourable' in this episode are from the mainland, and with no ties to Jersey, or it's rotten little regime?
And....isn't it strange that A.D.C.O Barry Taylor refuses to hand over a copy of Mr Little's and his colleagues report??? It's probably been lost in another of those (biblical) floods! LOL
This posting will probably take a week or two to play out so please be patient.
I will be delving deep into every aspect of Jersey corruption as this story encompasses it all, and I will be posting 'all' the evidence in sequence as we go.
Until Tomorrow!


  1. Having lived in Jersey, I know this not to be a fictitiouse storey ! but an account of events !

  2. This is going to be fun me thinks as I know this case, fair play too you Ian, they are not going to like this one getting out.

  3. Anon @ comment 2, they could have dealt with this case a long time ago, and honourably. They chose instead to cover it all up, deny me justice, and bury themselves in the process.

    The Ancient Sages said....

    "Do not despise the snake for having no horns, for who is to say it will not become a dragon. So, may one just man become an army."

  4. Francis Hamon, wasn't that the guy from Victoria C

    1. Francis Hamon (ex royal court judge) is the guy Stuart Syvret mentioned. Something about corruption whilst playing squash, and to do with some cover up as I recall....Stuart would know best.

  5. Ian.

    An exclusive interview with former SIO LENNY HARPER.

    Kind of backs up your posting!

    1. Cracking interview VFC & Lenny.

      SO....The (then) Attorney General, William Bailhache receives over a dozen individual complaints against DANNY WHERRY for the most grave child abuse, and does nothing!!! What dirt does Danny Wherry have on these people???

    2. What kind of psycho would let this deranged nut-job still be allowed to work around vulnerable people after all he has done?

      Don't believe me? Well, he is currently employed at the States run hospital called Overdale hospital!!!

  6. Having known Andy (the X lorry driver)de Feu, didnt he try and "do" someone for sleeping in there car a few years ago? without keys? It all went to court blah blah blah.....let off and he got a slap on the wristicles for being a knobber. Some people just have to suck up and TRY too hard to get noticed. They are the worst ones. His mother should have payed him a bit more attention when he hit puberty. hang on what about Simon his brother in Customs?