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Sunday, 28 October 2012

"Public Notice From Cyril Vibert To The Jersey Authorities"

"Time To Make The Corrupt - Accountable"

Myself and Cyril, sick to the back teeth of the Corruption in our Courts, Police Force, and Government, have decided to tolerate it no longer!
We will not be obeying anymore of their Enactments, Statutes, Jersey Orders, Regulations or By-laws, or any other nonsense they invent at a minutes notice.
We are now only adhering to the Law of the Land....Common Law
1. Do no harm to others
2. Do no damage to their property
3. Do not use mischief or fraud in your contracts

Bridget Shaw on the "Ship of Fools"


Having fully considered the events at the Magistrates Court, Jersey on 26th October 2012 notice is hereby given that anything I may have agreed to is null and void
'ab initio' due to coercion and duress.

Furthermore as Assistant Magistrate Bridget Shaw, after several requests, refused to issue me with a lawful order to attend the Magistrates Court on 1st November 2012, I am under no obligation to attend, therefore I will not attend.

Assistant Magistrate Shaw refusal to issue a lawful order is prima facie evidence that no lawful order had been issued for me to attend the Magistrates Court on the 25th October 2012, and as I have seen no such order and believe no such order exists, her claim that I was in contempt of court is vexatious, without merit and lacking any proof of claim.

Any police officer who arrests me without having had sight of a lawful court arrest order signed by a Judge, or without observing me breaching the peace, or actually committing a crime, will be acting outside of their oath of office, under full commercial liability and will be subject to a commercial lien against them personally.

Cyril Vibert


  1. nice one!...(btw it's 'breaching')

  2. I know, I am sick of telling the squirrel to do a spell check!!!

  3. haha, eagerly awaiting pt3 of 'your' beating.....

    1. Hopefully that should be up tomorrow :)