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Friday, 5 October 2012

"Prison Or Pardon?"

Defence calls for suspended sentence

It is day two of the sentencing of Ian Christmas and his defence lawyer, advocate Robert MacRae is calling for a suspended prison sentence or community service.

Advocate Robert MacRae painted the judge as an innocent bystander. Advocate MacRae said that Christmas lost everything. He lost his good character reputation and that his life was "irrevocably affected".

Jersey judge Ian Christmas will be sentenced later today, after he and three others were convicted of fraud totalling £1.5 million involving a property scheme in the USA.

Mr Christmas was found guilty in July of defrauding an elderly woman, Marie Cotrel - who was in her late 70s at the time - of £100,000.

The other men, John Lewis, James Cameron and Russell Foot, were found guilty of multiple fraud charges.

In Mr Christmas' case, he was convicted of encouraging Mrs Cotrel, along with Mr Lewis, to invest in two properties in Florida. In fact, her money was paying for the debts of their crippled company, De Leq.

In total, the four men were accused of almost 30 fraud charges.

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