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Sunday, 14 October 2012

"More Incompetence As Jersey Child Protection Failures Are Exposed"

"Will The Incompetence Ever End?"


"The Legacy Of An Idiot"

When is someone going to get rid of this incompetent fool? Anne Pryke has nothing but a huge catalogue of disaster and failure trailing her, she seems to lurch from one disaster to the next with only one phrase at her disposal.
"Lessons have been learned and it's now time to move on"

"In a late change to her case, Health Minister Anne Pryke has admitted that failings amounting to negligence by the States led to the children suffering."
"In a late change" She can't even admit the bleeding obvious from the kick off, it has to be dragged out of her on every occasion....

"She admitted in an amended submission to the Royal Court that the States owed a duty of care to the children."
This quote really does it for me, even the most mentally deficient halfwit knows that a Government has a duty of care to the children of it's land, yet this clown can only admit the fact in an "Amended Submission"....

"Despite the admissions, Deputy Pryke has sought to limit the compensation to the children."
That's it Anne, screw them for every penny you can after all they have been through....

Who Votes For This Psycho?
Please take a good look at Stuart Syvret's latest blog offering as it deals with exactly the incompetence and inefficiency that led to the above disaster.


  1. Who Votes For This Psycho?

    most probably less than 200 people tucked away in a small parish.

    Bring on island wide voting & give us all a chance NOT to vote for candidates like this.

  2. So there was a problem with the system surrounding Family X after all. But wasn't a pleasant chap called Williamson commissioned to look at this incident and said that all was tickety boo?

    The same Williamson, brought back in by the States after his preceding failure, has suggested a different set of TOR for the COI into HdLG et al?

    There is a noxious vapour in the air and it isn't coming from the field behind me...

    Apologies for not making it to court last week Ian, some unexpected work landed on my desk.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  3. Children are always being let down by the Jersey Government. The problem is we don't know how many because they keep covering it up!!

  4. Not only children. everywhere level of officials competence it's just scary