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Monday, 29 October 2012

"Monster Damian Rzeszowski To Be Sentenced Today"

Damian Rzeszowski to be sentenced today

Damian Rzeszowski - the man who killed six people, including his wife and two children, is due to be sentenced later at Jersey's Royal Court.

The jurats have retired to consider their sentence of Rzeszowski.

At his trial earlier this year, Rzeszowski was found not guilty of murder, but he was convicted of six counts of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility - charges he admitted.

The two Jurats responsible for deciding Rzeszowski's fate decided unanimously that his shocking actions were the result of an abnormality of mind - a deep psychotic imbalance that caused him to carry out the most extreme violence Jersey has witnessed in modern times.

At a summer barbecue at his St Helier home, Rzeszowski knifed to death his father-in-law, his two children, his wife and another man's wife and child.

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  1. why does it take a police inspector to 'escort' a prisoner when there are plenty off foot soldiers around? I'm guessing this one wanted to hog the limelight and get his mug in the rag!