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Thursday, 18 October 2012

"Jimmy Savile More Witnesses Coming Forward"

"Savile groped me when I was 12"

A woman in Jersey claims she was groped by Jimmy Savile when she was a 12 year old girl.

It's alleged to have happened at the former children's home Haut de la Garenne in 1972.

It comes as lawyers say alleged victims could make a legal claim for compensation from the late TV presenter's estate.

'Sarah' told us: "I just had this gut feeling. When you've been abused in the past, you just know."

Her nine year old sister was invited to sit on Savile's lap during one of his visits to the home. 'Sarah' sat alongside. That's when she claims he groped her.

"One or two girls told me that he touched them in certain places which I found disgusting really."

She said, "He was rubbing his hand down my arms, my back, the front of me. I thought, hang on a minute, I've got to get away from him. One or two girls told me that he touched them in certain places which I found disgusting really. There must be other people like him, you know. You'll never stop child abuse. And I think just to let the public know what he was really like."

Sarah reported the incident to the police in 2008. She was told back then that there wasn't enough evidence to proceed.

She's chosen to speak out now in the hope other victims will come forward and other abusers can be caught.

Meanwhile, Savile's estate is being administered by lawyers in Guernsey.

They've given anybody who thinks they have a claim against it until the 4th of January to contact them.

Legal experts say victims could have a case but would need a good reason for not coming forward earlier.

Advocate Christopher Scholefield of Viberts in Jersey said: "You have to look at the circumstances in every case and see if you can put together an argument as to why it was practically impossible to proceed sooner."

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  1. To know why it was practically impossible for victims to proceed sooner, I think the victims can explain that with great accuracy. It was, as was already mentioned by Sarah in the clip, impossible for even the police to find enough evidence of at the time. The SOJP before the Graham Power/Lenny Harper era was known to be hostile to abuse claims, and the one after Graham Power's suspension was hired to be hostile to abuse claims, and to lie about or get rid of forensic evidence.