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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

"Jersey Police Refuse To Take A Complaint Against Bridget Shaw!"

"Complaints Go In Against Justice System Members"

Myself and Cyril have today been on the trail of justice in Jersey, both complaints aimed at members of Jersey's (alleged) Justice System.

Complaint from Ian
My complaint is centred around the prosecutor at my trial of the 11th October 2012 wherein he did vexatiously attempt to prosecute me for an offence he knew I had not committed. Please see the link below for the details of my hearing, and the nonsense that ensued.

I wrote a letter of complaint today to none other than the Bailiff, Michael Birt, we shall see what transpires in due course. The letter is below for your perusal.

Just click on the pic to read it

Complaint from Cyril
Cyril visited our police station today to lodge a criminal complaint against (alleged) Magistrate Bridget Shaw. This complaint was one of Misconduct In A Public Office, said complaint relating to the violation of International Human Rights that Shaw had willfully and deliberately denied Cyril at his trial for parking tickets. Please see lower half of the link below for the story.

Cyril was made to wait an hour and a half to see someone to register his complaint with, he was finally confronted with DC Steve Webb who he described as the most ignorant arrogant policeman that he had ever met.

DC Webb listened to Cyril explain that his complaint was against Shaw, it was about human rights violations, and that Cyril wished to lodge a complaint of Misconduct In A Public Office. It soon became apparent to Cyril that DC Webb had no idea what Cyril was talking about, Webb telling Cyril that it was up to himself 'DC Webb' to decide if there had been a crime?

As most of us are aware, you make the complaint first, then the police look into the matter and collate any evidence of that alleged crime, what could be simpler? Apparently, under Mike Bowron's leadership, that is not how it works! Cyril explained that he had been denied the facts surrounding the nature and cause of the charges against him and explained why, DC Webb was totally disinterested in anything Cyril had to say.

Cyril finally suggested that it was noted that he had made the complaint and subsequently asked Webb to log it as such, a formal complaint. Cyril wanted to get a complaint reference number with which to pursue matters at a later date, DC Webb refused to log Cyril's complaint.

It is abundantly clear to myself and Cyril that the Jersey Police just do not take complaints against their own people, or any government official anymore!!! Where does that leave Justice in Jersey???



  1. I have just been informed by Cyril that DC Webb had told Cyril if he wanted the matter looked into, Cyril must bring in the evidence himself!!!

    It is beginning to look like we do not need a Police Force anymore?

  2. In 2012 a member of the public is not allowed to make a complaint against a public servant on the say so of the States of Jersey Police?

    This could highlight why child abuse investigations are topical at the moment if members of the public are not permitted by the police to bring a complaint against a person within the public service.

  3. Not suprising crime rates have dropped lately

  4. File a criminal complaint against DC Webb for refusing to take your complaint on behalf of the States of Jersey Police. It is the responsibility of the police to investigate the complaint find out what happened who was responsible and gather evidence.

    Try again, perhaps record the conversation on mobile submit a letter to Chief of police that DC Webb would not take your complaint and also submit to the AG. All will add up for your eventual submission to the Justice secretary Uk re the breakdown in the rule of law in Jersey.


  6. Thanks anon, I am sure that that will be Cyril's plan.

  7. Hi Ian.

    Just put up Questions without Answers from today.

    You & your readers can Listen HERE


    1. Thank you TJW, wanted a listen to the Bailhache syndrome

  8. Hi Ian No need to publish as you probably have it.

  9. The elements of "misconduct in public office" are as follows :-
    (a) public officer acting as such; (b) wilful neglect to perform duty and/or wilful misconduct; and (c) abuse of public’s trust.

    The leading case on this offence in Jersey appears to be Attorney General v Bhojwani (CA), 2010 JLR 24 which should be available on It's quite an interesting case to read. At first instance (in the Royal Court below), Clyde-Smith was unable to discern an offence of the nature in Jersey customary law (most of the previous public officers had been prosecuted for fraud-like offences) whereas the Court of Appeal recognized a crime of the general nature. As a criminal offence, the Police would have to investigate it and then convince the Attorney General to prosecute it at which point, unless the Magistrate admits guilt, the prosecution would have to prove the case "beyond reasonable doubt".

    There is also the tort of misfeasance in public office which is dependent upon you having suffered "damage". In Jersey this appears to be recorded as "administrative malfeasance" rather than misfeasance. This is an action you can commence yourself but it is likely to be complex to draw up the pleading at law because judges benefit from a degree of privilege from their judicial office. I am not sure of the precise elements of such a claim off-hand as you would have to check the cases both in Jersey and in the UK for a definitive answer.

    In real terms, if you sincerely believe that the Police or Magistrate are persecuting you (which I express no opinion on either way), it may be a good idea to keep a diary of events and of specific prejudices you have suffered so that they can be laid out objectively and dispassionately with the support of contemporaneous records. This is easier said than done, but it is important to try to isolate cause and effect; so that cause can be clearly attributed to the officer / official otherwise any allegation you make will be rejected with a counter-allegation of fault and a defence of justification. In other words, you have to be the victim rather than the provocateur.

    The complaint against the prosecutor may be better directed towards the professional societies of which he or she is undoubtedly a member (both Jersey, and abroad). The Jersey Law Society has a complaints procedure: use it; as the Law Society introduces new members, it will increasingly be unable to continue as an "old boys" club and may in future become subject to regulatory audit.

    Similarly, the Ministry of Justice may be the more appropriate body to complain to about the Magistrate; as the case involving the Magistrate-designate shows, the Bailiff does not have the power of dismissal.

  10. I think the States of Jersey Inc are vexatious against you Ian.
    The public official refused and continues to refuse to accept your common law rights.

    In the name of a magistrate not acting under an oath of office whilst at the same time knowing vexatious acts be permitted against you.

  11. Wow what a mind fuk, you both are doing great stuff and what needs to be done. Time to side line them all and do our own lawful activity. They are obviously self serving and we are lesser beings to them. To me there is a corporate take over of the human species well under way but we have the choice to ignore them as they do us and remove our property from them, This would need group cooperation and decent numbers but would be well worth it : )

  12. Can anyone tell me whether there is a Statute of Limitations Law in Jersey relating to either sexual or physical assault?

    1. Under the common law there is no statute of limitations for any crime. So, if the crime happened say forty years ago, you can still be prosecuted today. Sexual or physical assaults are true crimes under common law.

      The bollox that is statutory law lets a negligent driver that kills, (Niall Linden) off with a seven hundred and fifty pound fine for his actions.

      Statutory law is arbitrary in nature and full of get out clauses and interpretations for those who operate it. Statutes of limitations are rife in statutory law yet lawyers tell us it is superior to real law, the law of the land.

  13. Slight thread wobble. From a poster on Rico's blog, is this link (sorry, couldn't get a hyperlink to work):

    And quote:
    "In 2009 a massive fraud network began to surface linking the City of London Police and SERCO with share frauds around the Globe. Evidence proved SERCO was covertly selling nuclear technology to anyone who would pay. But just as this evidence was being compiled in January 2010 the Derby Police working with the City of London Police Raided her small flat and removed all the evidence. At the same time they stole thousands of documents on arms to Iraq and the interviews with the victims of sexual abuse naming Police Officers and High profile abusers."

    Where was our current Chief of Police working at that time and in what capacity ? ..

    The Beano is not the Rag

  14. ''They do it with everyone'' anon

    Yes, but the majority are happy to comply, contract and not assert common law rights in this common law jurisdiction

  15. Ian.

    Part two of Exclusive interview with former SIO LENNY HARPER