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Saturday, 6 October 2012

"Jersey Get Something Right At Last"

Legal high linked to death in Jersey
joins the banned list
The stimulant-style drug Benzofuran, also known as Benzo Fury, has been banned

A ‘LEGAL high’ which was linked to the death of a teenager in Jersey has been banned.
Matthew Wing (19) died earlier this year shortly after taking the stimulant-style drug Benzofuran, also known as Benzo Fury.

The drug, which is readily available on the internet, was made illegal by the Health Minister last week and given a ‘B’ classification, a move which sees Jersey act ahead of the UK in controlling the legal high.


  1. What about banning Alcohol and Cigarettes then. I mean they are after all IMPLICATED in more deaths than any drugs at all. This is typical nanny state Jersey at work again.

  2. At least with alcohol and cigs you know what your getting, and the implications. I know Matthew's father and I doubt he would agree with you, having said that, everyone has the right to pursue whatever they wish, even to their own death.

  3. Mr Evans you are correct to a point. You see there happens to be some confusion here. Benzofury is the nickname for the research chemical called 6apb. Pure 6apb so far has what appears to be a pretty good safety track record. The problems are coming from these BRANDED 'Benzofury pellets' which contain other stuff to 6apb, and may even not contain any 6apb whatsoever!!
    People that want to lessen risks can do their online research before choosing a research chemical, knowing what the implications may be. This is called harm reduction. Whilst i believe that Jersey is right to have banned BRANDED stuff like 'benzofury' and 'ivory wave', which may contain anything meaning the compound cannot be researched for harm reduction purposes. However i don't think it should ban 6apb itself as a research chemical, because an adult should be allowed to make their own decisions.

  4. Yes, i think i need to re iterate this point.There are "trusted" online sellers that sell chemicals that are quality tested by NMR analysis: There's one thing when an adult has the ability to order a pure research chemical online which has been NMR tested and then base a decision on that!

    Then there's these "BRANDED PRODUCTS" which can contain any old stuff. This sorry confusion is what caused the poo poo'ing of MDMA which was also known as "Ecstasy", when in reality most ecstacy pills contained a mixture of all sorts of stuff! Try watching the channel 4 ecstacy trials, and see for yourself just how terribly dangerous it is..even a nun had a good time on it!!

    I think it's important that people educate themselves about this "niche" scene which has many loyal followers. It's a damn pity that greedy vendors are selling these rubbish and dangerous "BRANDED PRODUCTS", because if you dunno what chemical is in them, how can you research the effects and make a reasonable decision??

    It's the difference of buying a bottle of whiskey, and buying a mixture of all kinds of alcohol and other stuff labelled as whiskey!!

    What i'm trying to say is that i don't think we should be too fast to judge. There are research chemicals, which if bought from a trusted vendor can be known to be relatively pure. then they can be researched online for harm reduction purposes.This is not only positive, but responsible. Certainly shows careful thought and consideration.
    Then there are these "BRANDED PRODUCTS", which are usually treated with disregard because they appear to be harmless. Trouble is it's THESE that are the ones to be wary of. Let's educate us to not confuse the two.

  5. I normally agree with everything you say Ian, but in this case you are wrong.

    Benzo Fury has been used very widely in the UK and Worldwide over the last few years, and being almost the exact molecular structure as MDA/MDMA is one of the safest Research Chemicals on the market.

    In those few years i would estimate that quite a few million Benzo Fury have been sold, and up to the death of Mr Wing there had been absolutely no reports of any related deaths worldwide.

    Having spoken to people who knew Mr Wing well, i have found out that he was also taking other substances and drinking alcohol in the run up to his death, as well as taking 13 Benzo Fury tablets which is a huge number! Why has the toxicology report not been released publicly? Why has the blame been put solely on Benzo Fury when it has been freely admitted in the JEP that he had also been drinking Alcohol?

    I have a great deal of sympathy for Mr Wing's friends and family, but i believe that the ban is a kneejerk reaction and counter-productive. As well as criminalising yet more of our young people, there are a lot more dangerous substances on the market that are still legal and freely for sale. The only outcome of this will be criminal records for people who don't read the Jersey media (Benzo Fury is still 100% legal in the UK) and are unaware of the ban, and more young people being pushed toward unknown substances.

    There is also a lot more to Mr Wings case than i am prepared to say in a public forum such as this!