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Thursday, 11 October 2012

"Jersey Cop Been A Naughty Boy"

"Many Cops In Jersey A Lot Worse
Than Danny"

Myself and Cyril saw Danny in court the other week and wondered what he had done wrong. We usually see him in court as we fight the Oligarchy Parking Scam, not a bad guy at all.
When we look at other officers within the force who commit far far worse crimes and get promoted for their criminality, we can only scratch our heads.
The "far far worse" ones, I shall be posting about over the next two weeks....


  1. He was 1 of my brothers arresting officers the night he was beaten after being bitten!!

  2. Thanks for that Maria, that puts a whole different prospective on matters especially after what NATHANIAL went through that night!!!

    1. I asked you a while back what was happening regarding the Nathaniel case, I don't think I saw part 5 until today. Absolutely shocking. Has anything happened since part 5? Have I missed reading part 6 and onward?

    2. I am sure I responded as I remember saying it was with the lawyers but no feedback since then....Case has been abandoned by the look of things :(

      These scumbags don't want to open another can of worms like police beatings, and withholding evidence!