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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

"El Tel Is Squeaky Clean - Will We See Deputy Labey's Evidence?"

Minister is cleared of corruption
A FORMER Senator accused of planning corruption on a ‘grand scale’ while he was a minister has been cleared of any wrongdoing.
More than two years after the accusations were first made, Chief Minister Ian Gorst today released a statement announcing that a police investigation into the conduct of former Housing Minister Terry Le Main had been concluded and no evidence was found to support the allegations.

The investigation followed accusations that the Senator – who always protested his innocence – was part of a ‘network’ of individuals, including lawyers, politicians, backers and planning officers, that had been involved in making corrupt planning decisions relating to rezoned land to benefit a local developer.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvretsaid...
Re the supposed "investigation" into Terry Le Main - and his supposedly being "cleared".

No - I was not interviewed by the police.

Nor - more significantly - were at least four primary witnesses.

Nor was any investigative effort made to obtain any evidence, from the obvious sources & locations. In contrast say, to an illegal, ten-strong police raid - conducted without a search-warrant - against me, for a single supposed breach of the Data Protection Law. A raid ordered by William Bailhache -who then lied about it. The same William Bailhache who - in an act of gross criminality - attempted to coerce Police Chief Graham Power into not investigating the planning corruption. Mr Power refused to be coerced in that way - so Bailhache said to him "So be it." A few days later, the Police Chief was illegally suspended. He was replaced by David Warcup, the puppet of the Bailhache Brothers - who then carried out the illegal raid.

Quite simply - the matter has not been actually "investigated - in any proper, objective, lawful sense.

On the contrary - strenuous - and illegal - efforts were made by the Law Officers Department and the SOJP to actually sabotage any effective investigation.

But, despair not - it's another damning example pf the breakdown in the rule of law - going on the claim-form against the Sec of State for Justice.



  1. You naughty boy ! Poor old terry has been on telly complaining about you. Well done, Ian, you've made prime time ctv at last ! Well done mate.

  2. Who has cleared him? Was he charged with anything?

  3. The Chief Minister Ian Gorst appears to be the person toted who has cleared Terry Le Main.

    Was all the evidence provided to the police? Why is a politician clearing an ex states member?

  4. Are state media peddling this nonsence of TLM Being cleared. Who cleared him if he hasn't been charged of wrongdoing.

    Insufficient evidence does not mean evidence does not exist.

  5. Squeaky clean El Tel, hahahaha oh please stop.

    Didn't he forge the signature of his landlady for the St. Martin garage he leased?

    No action taken, another captured member to vote how he was told.


  6. Ooooh! Can't one just smell the stench of corruption and cover up again!

  7. Will Ian Gorst now be giving statements to the media for any person accused of wrongdoing thus clearing them? Is it now a task for the Chief Minister to release statements on public conduct when allegations are made?

    Where are the charges which centenier made the charges. Why is the States of Jersey being used to push propoganda of members of the public being cleared of wrong doing. Stinks

  8. Data protection and court cases paid for by islanders, now the ex carsalesman has let the cat out of the bag.

    Obviously the States cannot control the internet, all they do is try and bring in superinjunctions which alerts the outside world and spills the news. Le Main is proving S Syvrets thinking that they just get more stupid in group think.

    How about doing something useful like arresting Gradwell for divulging confidential information from an ongoing police investigation to Rose at the daily mail. Like best and legal practice in the UK.

    Nah ! to much like hard work, besides how much was he paid ? and to do what exactly ! maybe trash an investigation. To many secrets, to many snouts in the trough, to many bods involved, the cracks are getting bigger.

  9. I have just sent Carolyn Labey an Email asking to have a little peek at her files on planning corruption, wonder if I will get a positive response?

    Dear Deputy Labey

    Seeing that Terry Le Main has been cleared (not sure by whom) of any wrongdoing in the planning corruption saga, I was wondering if there was any possibility that I might take a look at the files you have on this subject?

    I am sure it wouldn't hurt now that this matter has been swept unde....err, thoroughly investigated and concluded.

    I look forward to your response in due course

    Kindest regards


  10. sorry to say ive never trusted this guy even before he became a politician ..mick

  11. Now that you have asked for these files Ian, can Deputy Labey expect a raid on her house tonight?

  12. I think Deputy Labey is playing ball with the establishment.

  13. Anon.@8:20 - Do you really think no one copied those files to be used as an insurance policy in the event of threats. Everybody has proof if something on everybody else.

  14. Surely any investigation being carried out by the police, should have been announced by the police. Since when does an ex-member become the concern of the States.

  15. I have looked at States of Jersey police website there is nothing about Terry Le Main being cleared of all charges?

    Where can I find the court transcript of TLM being cleared of all charges or for that matter a statement by state media from a lawyer confirming civil criminal charges, or false allegations against my client were dropped.

    Major spinning being played out. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

  16. Court Transcript? That's a good one! Would that be 'doctored' or 'undoctored'?

  17. Typed up from Channel report 16/10/2012
    online report Now not available on playback.
    (JD)A Jersey politician, who was in the States, for more than 30 years has been cleared of corruption. It had been alleged, Terry Le Main was involved in a planning scam on a grand scale. Police say they can find no evidence,to back up the accusation. Terry Le Main says, now he's cleared his name, he also wants action taken against bloggers who've been reposting the allegations

    (TLM)These blog sites, and all that, its high time that there was um,there was a law brought in, to curtail some of the filth and lies and malicious ah utterings that are put out by good ordinary people on these blog sites.

    1. And here it is ladies and gentleman.....TLM finally shows his fascist colours and calls for mass censorship of the free press.

  18. Perhaps Deputy Labey will now be in a position to make a statement now that this has been cleared up, ha ha.

  19. Deputy Labey has, it is in todays rag

  20. Was there actually a police investigation of Carolyn labeys allegations specifically or are they tying the investigation into the alleged criminal trial of her former partner, ex-Senator Stuart Syvret.

    If there was an independent investigation into the allegations that came out as a result of Mr Syvrets trial how come witnesses were not spoken too?

    Has Carolyn Labey ever stated if she went to the police and made allegations?

    The evidence the media reported on is that in relation to Stuart Syvret trial?

    I still cannot understand how the media report someone is cleared of allegations when no charges were ever put formally to a person by a centenier.