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Thursday, 18 October 2012

"Cyril On Jersey Law With Tom Gruchy"

"Statutory Storm Troopers"

As most readers are aware, Cyril 'the squirrel' walked out of court in disgust last Friday, disgust at the fraud that was being perpetrated against him. Alleged Magistrate, Bridget Shaw refusing Cyril his inalienable rights, and human rights, then refusing to clarify matters of law which answers would have exposed the fraud going on. This matter is at the link directly below.

Cyril was then hounded at home by our local policy-men who dished out a compliment slip with an 'offer to attend court' scrawled on it. Cyril was further harrassed by pushy upstarts from the Viscounts department with a more official looking 'offer to attend court' scrawled on it. Why these clowns just don't issue a lawful bench warrant for Cyril is beyond me, or is it? :) Please see the link below.

The situation now is that Cyril will be arrested on the 25th of October for non attendance, a charge of contempt of court is sure to follow even though Cyril has not lawfully been summoned to court. I too am now beening harrassed again by the Viscounts over last weeks court appearance over parking tickets. They rang me this morning demanding money for a parking infraction that I had lawfully discharged. I promptly told them where to get off and they declared that they were going to tell the Magistrate on me! Grow up boys, be men, and concede that you have lost....

Myself and Cyril will never be attending their circus again over statutory charges unless dragged there by way of physical violence through our policy-men. We will only attend if we have caused injury or loss to someone, or have used fraud or mischief in our contracts (Common Law). Tom Gruchy has approached Cyril for an interview, this can be seen and heard at the link directly below.

We are not mates on their Citizen-ship of Commerce, and we have no allegeance or contract with the Captain of the ship. Our feet are firmly planted on dry land so we will not be sailing off into the sunset with them....Besides....there be pirates out there!!!

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