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Friday, 19 October 2012

"Cracker-Barrel Bailhache Rides Again"

"The 'Destructive Ignorance' Of The Bailhache Bro's Threatens Jersey, Not The Few Honest Deputies Who Get The Truth Out"

Captain Bailhache, Commander on the ship of fools!!!

The good ship Jersey is heading for the rocks and Philip Bailhache thinks that reputation will save HMS Jersey? Just what does Bailhache think that reputation is comprised of? Kindness? Honesty? Integrity? Decency? Ritiousness?....


  1. defend ourselves from the enemies outside the as the sheep are becoming sheepless

  2. I cringe when I hear the phrase ''damaging the Island's reputation''

    The Islands reputation comes from those espousing the phrase, it is those people, who need to think, what part they play, in people forming such opinions.

  3. The Haut de la Garrane enquiry according to Power and Harper was dogged by politicians interfering.

    It must be clear to anyone with half a brain that to have one man the AG deciding what goes to court and what is shelved is open to corruption at worst and poor or biased decision making at least.

    Now Lenny Harper who's opinion to speak to papers in the UK (unlike Jersey's Ministers who have been stepped over ) tells the BBC Jersey that the police force in Jersey have been got at politically and an outside inquiry is the only way to get to the truth.

    The Le Main non-enquiry, without key witnesses being interview underlines this.

    The problem is again, if the Chief Minister Gorst said the enquiry is completed when no full enquiry took place by default this makes him misinformed or a lier. Now caught out let us see how he apologies or to prove Jersey judiciary is corrupt stays quiet. Well done Lenny Harper a proper cop with backbone. Bowron obviously has questions to answer. Is he a puppet and who is pulling the strings. In modern speak puppet means corrupt and ineffective.

  4. If Bailhache (not CM or deputy CM but lacky assistant) wants to inform people, then allow the Verita TOR for the strongest COI, anything else just says cover up!

    Furthermore, the Sharp report was factual, Bailhache does not like the hear the truth just like Le Main.

  5. Crocroft deplores the action of leaking that document.

    But not the lies in that document that was leaked....

    He says it all really!?