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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

"Corruption Complaint Finally Gets A Response With A Twist!!!"

When Perjury & Doctoring Trial Tapes
Is Acceptable

The full story with the links is below. The two new letters in this saga follow on after the links

"The Story"

Cyril's parking tick-et, the Establishment have spent thousands upon thousands of pounds of tax payers money, completely wasted on this evasive little peregrination to try to stop our Common Law exploits from exposing their parking ticket scam! They know that we know what they are up to and yet they continue to try and protect their lucrative deception, even to the point of getting two policemen to perjure themselves at Cyril's trial. Worse than this, someone within the Greffe at the Magistrates Court decided it would be a good idea to doctor Cyril's trial tapes before his appeal to the Royal Court! As you have already read at story one on this posting, doctoring trial tapes is well within the compass of Jersey Government Establishment Practices. Indeed, I do not believe that there is any length these crooks won't go to to cover up their malfeasance's. Cyril was up in court for pleadings and ended up arresting Bridget Shaw for her second time. See link below for this story.

At trial, Cyril annihilated the prosecution as the work we had done in preparation had been completely nailed down. Of course, Cyril was found guilty nonetheless and put in for an appeal immediately, this was when we discovered that his trial tapes had been doctored! In the link below, we show what questions we had prepared, and what order they were in. We also show the (alleged) transcripts that were supposed to match our written and logged questions, and which they did not match. Please see the link directly below for this section.

In this section we learn of the utter corruption that plagues Jersey courts. What judge William Bailhache said in court was beyond any boundary of established corruption, and I roughly quote....

"Bailhache proceeded to explain that, 'even if' the two police officers had lied in their statements, and had indeed perjured themselves in court, what they had lied about would NOT have had any bearing on the outcome of the trial!!!"

"Then turning to the matter of the doctored trial tapes, Bailhache said that whatever we had alleged was missing from them "Was Irrelevant" and would not have any bearing on the outcome of the appeal!!!"

Quite incredible isn't it? William Bailhache is the Deputy Bailiff of Jersey for crying out loud, this is how far the corruption goes. You can read this section at the link directly below.
Cyril asked for full disclosure of the evidence and a paper requesting the attendance of the perjurious policemen was filed also. Of course, Cyril never received a reply to his requests, and there was no policeman in attendance at the court. These facts can be read at the link below.
Oddly enough, the Jersey judiciary were even brazen enough to put their corruption in black & white! Below is a copy of the judgement that day.

Cyril lodged a formal complaint against the two policemen who perjured themselves, and also against the judge William Bailhache who refused point blank to have these matters looked into before an appeal against conviction could take place. This complaint can be read at the link directly below.

As my readers may have anticipated by now, Cyril never got a single response from anyone in Jersey? The only response he got was an 'unsigned' template letter from The Ministry of Justice's Crown Dependencies Team which effectively just passed the buck back on Jersey authorities instead of dealing with the issue themselves! This letter can be read at the link below.

After being ignored by the Crown Dependencies Team, the Bailiff and the Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, Cyril set about giving them all a little nudge via Email. These Emails are at the link below.

"Our New Update"

Finally we have had a response to Cyril's last letter (which is below) from the Bailiff via his Chief Officer, Mr David Filipponi.
In this letter, we found what we were waiting for...."The twist in the tale"
As we are all painfully aware, Jersey is one corrupt hole, and no expense is spared when covering up corruption. Any lengths may be gone to, however distant, to hide the truth.
To refresh, Cyril's last letter is below.
Date: Fri, Oct 5, 2012 at 3:29 PM
Subject: my letter of 23rd July 2012

For the public record

Dear Sir Michael,

I have had no response or acknowledgement of my complaint to you of the 23rd July 2012.
The issues raised were very serious to say the least, you may be aware that the AG is considering a decision on my complaints of perjury by two Police Officers at this time.
Regarding the flawed Court recording, this is of great concern to the general public, there are witnesses to say that the transcripts and Court recording are not a verbatim record of what was said in Court on the 27th April 2012. Obviously for the people of Jersey to have faith in the Court system recordings of Court proceedings must be accurate and any discrepancies have to be accounted for.
I appreciate a man who has sworn an oath to serve the people of this island must be busy however, how much time does it take to dictate a reply, even if it is only to acknowledge you are considering your response.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
cyril vibert
Cyril, after waiting almost three months, finally received a response which is below. However, it appears that the Crown Dependencies Team in England have completely abandoned Cyril as they will not reply to his letters or Emails anymore, bravo!!!
Please click on the pics to read them


All straight forward and above board you might think? Well, all is not quite as it seems!
There is still the little matter of the twist in the tale. Look again at the last paragraph in the above letter and keep it's contents in mind when reading Cyril's response to that letter which you will find below!!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: cyril vibert
Date: Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 3:02 PM
Subject: Mr Filipponi

Dear Mr Filipponi,

Thank you for writing to me on behalf of the Bailiff.

In regard to the Deputy Bailiffs' judgement I will be responding to that judgement in due course.

You mention the remedy of doleance, I do not understand what this is or how it operates and would be grateful if you could point me in the direction of any publicised information on this process.

There seems to be some misunderstanding surrounding the issue of the Magistrates Court recording of the hearing of 27th April 2012. I have listened to the audio recording and checked it against the written transcripts. I have no doubt that whomever transcribed from the audio did an accurate and in good faith job. The problem does no lie there, the problem is with the actual Court audio recording, it is the audio recording that requires forensic examination to discover how/why it is not an accurate record of what was said in Court on 27th April 2012.

Please advise the Bailiff that I am requesting a (preferably independent) forensic examination of the Court audio recording of that hearing.

I would also like to ask the Bailiff for an official copy of that audio disc, so I can run it through some software on my computer. The Magistrates Greffier Substitute being reluctant to release such a copy to me.

Thank you for your attention to these matters,

yours sincerely

cyril vibert

"The Doctored Trial Tape Process"
What they do is this. They say anything they wish in court, legal or illegal, then wait to see if the defendant will appeal the guilty verdict.
If an appeal is applied for, they then go about removing anything incriminating that the judge or prosecutor has said during the case hearing.
They also remove anything that any witness has said that would go in your favour at an appeal. They just love removing extracts that you yourself have spoken, and this time around we have discovered that they have now progressed to the point where they are adding extracts that were never even spoken at trial!!!
To do this there are three plausible methods....
1. Any Magistrate would have to come back into an empty court and speak the lines themselves.
2. They would take each word from other parts of the trial and put them together into one phrase.
3. They would get a recording from another court case and take the section out they wanted.
And before anyone sits there thinking we have gone 'barking bailhache mad'! WE KNOW this has happened in Cyril's case, WE KNOW the exact spot where it had happened, and WE KNOW the exact words that were added. all we need to do now is sit back and see if the Jersey Police try to cover it up.
Hardly surprising is it that the Bailiff has asked Mike Bowron to check if the transcripts are an exact copy of the recordings? OF COURSE THEY ARE!!! how could they not be? The doctored tapes are sent to the mainland for transcription and the transcribers are none the wiser that the tapes have been tampered with. How are the police going to know where to look on the tapes without speaking to Cyril? Unless the Bailiff has made a genuine mistake which is always possible, it is looking very shady indeed. Also bearing in mind that Michael Birt in his capacity as the Attorney General, refused to give me a copy of the Avon & Somerset Police Report, we can conclude that anything is possible in this wretched hell hole!!!


  1. Many thanks to my readers who have signed the petition (at the foot of this posting) to get Leah McGrath Goodman's Tier 1 Visa reinstated. Anyone who has not signed, I would implore you all to sign as Leah is exposing the child abuse in Jersey.

    Current total is 2,251 and we would love to double that :)

  2. The rotting corps of corruption is overwhelming, Jimmy Saville might fancy ago! : )

  3. Well done Ian.....keep on going.....

  4. This story is huge, have the local media got on to it?

  5. Hi TS,

    our State Media much prefer to report on more serious matters such as GRUBBY ROAD SIGNS & BLUNT PENCILS

  6. Keep it up Ian & Cyril, I'm just a regular bloke and send my best wishes to you both. We need folk like you.

  7. Thanks for the support you guys :)

  8. If you are questioned by the police for an alleged infraction. You get the option to have a copy of the tape, recorded during the interview. Does this not also apply to the courts?

    1. It should do, and we have a right to this recording but they are not going to hand it over without a fight.