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Sunday, 28 October 2012

"Child Abuse Cover-Up Could Begin In May"

Jersey abuse inquiry may start in 2013: Ian Gorst

Ian Gorst
Senator Gorst said the States would have the final decision on how the inquiry would be run

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An inquiry into historical child abuse in Jersey should be up and running next year, according to the chief minister.

It follows two recommendations on how it should proceed made in reports by different consultants.

Senator Ian Gorst said he would publish plans on how it would operate in the next fortnight.

He said it would then be debated by the States, who would make the final decision on how it would be run.

A three-year £7.5m investigation into historical child abuse heard from 192 alleged victims and identified 151 potential abusers.
Legal fees
It led to seven people being successfully prosecuted.

A review by UK consultantcy Verita, which works exclusively with the public sector, called for a thorough investigation into the inquiry.

It expected any such inquiry to last for a year, involve evidence from more than 200 people, and cost at least £2.2m - not including any legal fees that would need to be paid.

Andrew Williamson, a former director of county social services in the UK, said the review should focus on the decisions by politicians and managers at Jersey's Children's Services from 1960 to 1994.

Senator Gorst said he was not under any pressure to choose one consultant's recommendation over another.


  1. Ian page 7 Mail on sunday interesting story of guy busted for recording police on his mobile phone & the consequences

  2. Wiltshire police again!

    "Mr Coplestone’s allegations, if upheld, will add to the Wiltshire force’s tarnished reputation. The IPCC is already investigating failures in the case of murdered Becky Godden. Taxi driver Christopher Halliwell couldn’t be tried for the crime, even though he confessed, as detectives had denied him his rights under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

    Last year Deputy Chief Constable David Ainsworth, 49, hanged himself after 13 female staff made 26 separate complaints against him of inappropriate sexual advances.

  3. Channel 4 News‏@Channel4News

    A mother tells of her anguish after the failure to bring the man accused of her daughter's murder to justice

  4. If Gorst does not follow Verita he will be on a very sticky wicket, moreso now with the revelations of Jimmy Savile and the swiftness that the UK authorities to start acting.

    What the JEP omitted to say was that it was only because Gorst was put under pressure that he invited Ed Marsden over on Friday.

    Williamson's report is a no brainer and Verita was so good and robust it must have put the fear of God into some in the CoM! Let us hope that for once the States Members will see some sort of sense.

  5. Do you think some in the COM suspect they will be under fire from outside investigators before it gets to that? Are they postponing the COI because they know their last 4 years of whitewashing will be exposed? They sure don't want to put forth the effort to expose their own crimes if they will be exposed anyway.

  6. Now the Williamson report has been seen as an attempted whitewash, the JEP is trying to get Gorst off the hook.J

    The JEP in black ink, says that the CoM brought in Williamson. Yet another cover up by the discredited local paper.

    The Chief Minister made the decision to bring in Williamson personally, this is documented and fact.

    It does beg the question as to over the decades ( before the internet and still even now ) how many times has the JEP protected those in power, and therefore sponsored abuse and paedophilia in Jersey.

    No more 50p's from me to support these charlatans.

    1. Oh the sound of revolution is music, right thinking anon:)