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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

"Bish - Bash - Bosh"

Court hears Senator slapped and
kicked woman

The Royal Court has heard that one of Jersey's most senior politicians slapped a woman across the face and kicked her in the side of the head.

Senator Alan Breckon, 59, is alleged to have assaulted Suzette Hase, 44, at his home in St Brelade in April.

The prosecution claim Senator Breckon and Miss Hase had a close friendship but that Senator Breckon wanted it to become a sexual relationship.

They say on the night in question Miss Hase refused his advances and it ended in violence.

Senator Breckon denies grave and criminal assault.

The trial is expected to last three days.


  1. My my my, Breckon. Either this was an attempted sexual assault or the worst seduction effort ever. Kicking her in the head? Did you think that would change her mind?

  2. Gee so he wanted to **ck her and because she rejected him he gave her a good kicking! Obviously likes it rough then.

  3. Maybe that has been his most successful seduction technique thus far.

  4. Well obviously she led him on ;)


  5. you cant always get what you want

  6. I believe his version totally. He is a really nice man with a strong career. She is a known dishonest drunk with problems. Her story does not add up and like a lot of women when they cannot get what they want, they cry sexual abuse or rape. His version is also more realistic. This woman woke up and had no idea how she got home, yet she remembers specifically being beaten ? Yeah... right.... she fell in her drunken state that's more the truth and refused to pay back her loan.

    1. Do you have any proof at all of what you say?